Study offers lessons on public health efforts to prevent gun violence


Engaging with local community leaders and residents early and often is key to implementing public health and racial justice approaches to preventing gun violence successfully, a report from the Annie E.

COVID-related National Service cannot just be gap year for privileged youth

ASU Lodestar Center

And in Milwaukee, while Black Americans are only 26 percent of the population, they account for an astounding 81 percent of the deaths there. Second , national policy must incentivize and prioritize the recruitment and deployment of local, proximate leadership.


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Free Legal Services for Charities Anyone?

Tech Soup Blog

many if not most local bar associations may have pro bono programs and/or referral services. A good example is the Milwaukee Bar Association’s pro bono directory and also the Virginia Bar Association’s Pro Bono Resource Center. There also great local referral services like Law Works in Philadelphia, which is a hub for pro bono legal services.

Gathering: looking back

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Another person with equal dedication was Julann Jatczak, who was chairing the program committee for a second Gathering (her first was also successful: the Milwaukee Gathering a few years back)! Dave McDonough and the local host committee also did a terrific job of making our stay in Long Beach exciting. Most Successful Ever! I wasn't surprised to find out that this was the best attended Gathering of the Social Enterprise Alliance.

Research Friday: Strengthening the Economy through Civic Engagement

ASU Lodestar Center

The paper investigates the effect of civic engagement indicators on economic indicators to explore if and where civic engagement strengthened local economies. Cities with high volunteering rates in 2006 which were correlated to low unemployment increases are Austin, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Pittsburg, Columbus, and Denver. posted by. Patsy Kraeger, Ph.D. Welcome to Research Friday !

One Web. For All.


Because the Web shifts the balance of power in our global society and local communities, even those who never go online live in a constantly changing world. While they're having fun, they'll take some time to talk about Internet policy and highlight the work of local digital inclusion advocates. In Los Angeles, they"re hosting an event called "Access to Teknowledgy" for parents, teachers, students and staff at a local school. Nathaniel James, OneWebDay.

Wandering Down the "Don't Touch" Line

Museum 2.0

Engagement with local artists. One of the things we love about exhibiting local artists is that they are often here to talk with visitors about their work. The Milwaukee Art Museum has a video explaining do's and don'ts of the museum for children. How do you help visitors know what they can and cannot do in your museum? Most museums have this figured out: they have signs, they have guards, they have cases over the objects.

Secret Agent L: Covering the Globe with Random Acts of Kindess

Have Fun - Do Good

The two of us went to a local hospital during a cancer expo, and we basically, for lack of a better word, we hijacked the place. He's out of Milwaukee. Photo by Rob de la Cretaz "We're so busy. We walk down the street. We're listening to our iPods. We're plugged into our phones. We're looking down at our BlackBerries. We're not actually acknowledging the people around us. I think that people really, actually want that.

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