Gathering: looking back

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Back in our "normal" environments, we're trying to break the mold. Another person with equal dedication was Julann Jatczak, who was chairing the program committee for a second Gathering (her first was also successful: the Milwaukee Gathering a few years back)! Dave McDonough and the local host committee also did a terrific job of making our stay in Long Beach exciting. Most Successful Ever!

Wandering Down the "Don't Touch" Line

Museum 2.0

Engagement with local artists. One of the things we love about exhibiting local artists is that they are often here to talk with visitors about their work. I am unwilling to adopt standard strategies of security guards and cases everywhere--both of which I believe introduce an inhospitable environment to engaging with artworks and with other people. The Milwaukee Art Museum has a video explaining do's and don'ts of the museum for children.


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One Web. For All.


Because the Web shifts the balance of power in our global society and local communities, even those who never go online live in a constantly changing world. We hope OneWEbDay can change that and help to build a global constituency of people who care about the health of our 21st century communications environment. While they're having fun, they'll take some time to talk about Internet policy and highlight the work of local digital inclusion advocates.

Props to my pops

Not the most liberal environment. The neighbors behind them are taking up a collection to buy a $1200 full-page ad in the local paper. And today my dad wrote this letter to the editor of the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel, the local paper. I want to tell you a bit about my parents. Bill and Beth live in Wisconsin, in the house where I grew up.