Research Friday: Strengthening the Economy through Civic Engagement

ASU Lodestar Center

Tocqueville declared in Democracy in America that these associations were indispensable to a functional democracy and that the knowledge of how to work together was the “mother of all forms of knowledge” in a democratic country. The paper investigates the effect of civic engagement indicators on economic indicators to explore if and where civic engagement strengthened local economies. posted by. Patsy Kraeger, Ph.D. Welcome to Research Friday !

Gathering: looking back

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Another person with equal dedication was Julann Jatczak, who was chairing the program committee for a second Gathering (her first was also successful: the Milwaukee Gathering a few years back)! Dave McDonough and the local host committee also did a terrific job of making our stay in Long Beach exciting. I can tell she has the knowledge and drive to bring SEA along a similar path. Most Successful Ever!


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One Web. For All.


Because the Web shifts the balance of power in our global society and local communities, even those who never go online live in a constantly changing world. While they're having fun, they'll take some time to talk about Internet policy and highlight the work of local digital inclusion advocates. In Los Angeles, they"re hosting an event called "Access to Teknowledgy" for parents, teachers, students and staff at a local school. Nathaniel James, OneWebDay.

Secret Agent L: Covering the Globe with Random Acts of Kindess

Have Fun - Do Good

The two of us went to a local hospital during a cancer expo, and we basically, for lack of a better word, we hijacked the place. We knew there would be a lot of people there, who were either struggling with cancer directly, or indirectly, or who wanted to become more knowledgeable about it, and were probably carrying a little bit of heaviness in their heart while they were there. He's out of Milwaukee. Photo by Rob de la Cretaz "We're so busy. We walk down the street.