9 Ways to Use Text Messaging for Your Virtual Fundraising Event

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By Emily Rose Patz , Senior Copywriter at DonorPerfect – a top-rated donor management system and fundraising platform for nonprofits. Here’s your first clue: “I came all the way from Greece and met my fur-ever family back in January.”.

Slacktivism: Can Cartoons Raise Awareness or Just Make Us Feel Good?


Whether it started on accident, was part of a specific campaign, or originated in Greece , this meme seemed to really have legs! Allison Fine had some choice words in a Social Actions blog post when she said this about people taking small actions: “It is quite possible that we will become frantically busy doing a lot of change stuff that does make the doers feel great (which is important ) but doesn’t add up to the systemic social change needed in communities.


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Sheroes You Should Know: Inspiring Stories for #WomensHistoryMonth


She took an active role in the independence movement aimed at relinquishing Ottoman rule over Greec e, investing her own fortune into securing arms, ships, and otherwise equipping the soldiers under her command. Before her historic flight, Jemison served as a Peace Corps Medical Officer in Sierra Leone and Liberia, where she oversaw the medical system that serviced Peace Corps and U.S. she·ro (pl. sheroes) : a woman regarded as a hero.

Story 153

NTEN Member Buzz Round-Up: April 30


Kathi Apostolidis , one of our newest members, who happens to work in Greece, gave us a heads-up about HCSMEU Camp , which stands for Healthcare Social Media Europe. Peter Campbell writes a provocative post about IT isolation in an organizational management structure that goes very wrong: the System Administrator goes to jail. (Note: This is a weekly round-up of NTEN members doing and sharing their nptech awesome. Members are in bold.

How to Find Your Next Great Board Member

Connection Cafe

On the flip side, if your strategic vision is to effect huge transformational change— systemic change rather than project-based goals—someone who’s experienced with annual fund appeals probably isn’t going to be a good match for your board. The last word comes to us from ancient Greece. Each board is unique, so its members must be too.

Changing the World: TechSoup's Newest Global Partner

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In addition to Syria and Iraq, these are Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, and the Azerbaijani exclave: Nakhchivan. (If This vision includes helping Turkish nonprofits get the relevant training, tech support, and access to state-of-the-art technology they need, including volunteer management systems and desktop publishing, to enable them to reach constituents and promote their missions more effectively. Are you sitting down?! We've got some exciting news.

Who Am I? Internal vs. External Role-Playing in Museums

Museum 2.0

There are some profile systems that bridge internal and external identity to help visitors imagine themselves in historical or potential scenarios. Recently I've been looking at ways cultural institutions invite people to self-identify relative to the visit experience. Having your own profile relative to an exhibition can help you find a way "in" to the experience via your own interests.