Sheroes You Should Know: Inspiring Stories for #WomensHistoryMonth


Whether quietly spearheading some of the world's most groundbreaking scientific and medical research or not-so-quietly leading revolutions on the battlefield, our history is ripe with stories of ferocious, adventurous, enlightened, and persistent women. In celebration of Women's History Month, we wanted to share some of these sheroic tales and introduce you to young women who are carrying the torch forward today. she·ro (pl. sheroes) : a woman regarded as a hero.

Story 153

How to Find Your Next Great Board Member

Connection Cafe

On the flip side, if your strategic vision is to effect huge transformational change— systemic change rather than project-based goals—someone who’s experienced with annual fund appeals probably isn’t going to be a good match for your board. For example, if you have a history of terrific special events, but your organization’s newly crafted and inspirational vision calls for more transformational fundraising, you’ll likely need to shift focus.

Who Am I? Internal vs. External Role-Playing in Museums

Museum 2.0

By contrast, in Titanic , the power of the experience comes from connecting to a specific person from history, which gives visitors a concrete, personal connection to a historic event. There are some profile systems that bridge internal and external identity to help visitors imagine themselves in historical or potential scenarios. Recently I've been looking at ways cultural institutions invite people to self-identify relative to the visit experience.