Thu.Nov 30, 2023

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5 Ways the Nonprofit Sector Has Changed Over the Past 20 Years

NonProfit PRO

Over the past 20 years, a lot has changed in the nonprofit sector, and with major giving in particular. Here are five ways major giving and the sector in general have changed, and what nonprofit professionals should keep in mind as they work toward their organizations’ missions.

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UCLA Launches New Latino Data Hub

Non Profit Quarterly

Image credit: Caique Nascimento on Unsplash Latinx people are the fastest growing demographic in the United States, accounting for more than half of the country’s growth in the past 10 years. Yet there’s been a lack of comprehensive data on Latinx populations in the country. 1 “Latinos are at the heart of America’s story.

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NonProfit PRO Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

NonProfit PRO

In November 2003, NonProfit PRO published its first issue. To celebrate the brand’s debut in 2003, we spoke to two nonprofits that started in the same year as us to learn how they’ve been able to serve their mission as long as they have, and share what other nonprofits can learn from their success.

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Important Announcement to Our Community: Restructuring TechSoup

Tech Soup

Moments ago, I sent the below email to all TechSoup staff across all our offices. I also wanted to share this email with you, our community of stakeholders, so that you have both a better understanding of the tough decisions we had to communicate today and a view into TechSoup’s focus as we move into 2024 and beyond.

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The Retention Ripple Effect: Nonprofit Staff and Donor Dynamics

Speaker: Andrew Olsen, CFRE - SVP, Fundraising Solutions at DickersonBakker | Kat Landa, CFRE, CSD - SVP, Talent Solutions at DickersonBakker

It's time that we unpack one of the nonprofit sector's most important yet perplexing issues: retention! While nonprofit donor retention is on a continued downward spiral year after year, experts argue that this is not the real problem. Instead, donor retention is a byproduct of the real problem facing the charitable sector: staff retention. Join us for this data-driven session with two thought leaders in the nonprofit sector, Andrew Olsen and Kat Landa, for the tools to tackle and reverse the cu

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2024 Fundraising Calendar: Boost Your Impact!

NonProfit PRO

DonorPerfect's Fundraising Calendar empowers nonprofit heroes! Get 12 months of tailored inspiration, with practical tips, key dates, self-care, and customizable stickers. Each month, receive expert advice on securing the second gift, retaining donors, reimagining events, making successful asks, and more. Download the digital version or order your printed calendar now!

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Ethical Storytelling for Nonprofits: A Detailed Guide

Neon CRM

Stories are powerful. It’s incredibly important for nonprofits to tell stories about their organization and the people they serve. Storytelling for nonprofits is an avenue to connect with donors and help them relate to your work. Telling a good story can also give your donors confidence that your nonprofit is making an impact and that their donations are used effectively.

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Nonprofit Website Best Practices: 10 Ways to Make Your Investment Count

Neon CRM

Gone are the days when a nonprofit could put up any old website for their organization and check that task off their to-do list. As more and more of our lives move online, nonprofits need an optimized, well-designed website in order to stand out and engage donors—and to justify the expense of maintaining one! In this article, we’ll catalog ten nonprofit website best practices your organization can use to maximize your investment.

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$10+ Billion in Unclaimed Matching Gift Funds Annually

Double the Donation

Have you ever wondered how much money goes unclaimed through matching gift programs each year? At Double the Donation we’ve spoken with countless nonprofits, corporations, foundations, and research institutions and are often asked: How much money is donated through employee matching gift programs?

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The 8 Best Nonprofit Conferences for Any Fundraiser in 2023 & 2024 Copy


An important part of being an effective fundraiser is staying up to date on current fundraising trends , industry best practices, and donor preferences. One of the best ways to do that is to attend nonprofit conferences. They’re the best! In addition to the info-packed sessions and workshops, these conferences provide invaluable opportunities to connect with other fundraisers, share ideas, and encourage each other.

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Lessons from MotivateMonday | John Lepp Shows You How to be Creative

Pamela Grow

Breaking the rules can be one of the very best things you can do to increase response for your next nonprofit direct mail appeal. But how? John Lepp, author of the direct mail fundraising bible for nonprofit communicators, Creative Deviations: how you can infuse your storytelling, fundraising and direct response with more creativity , dropped by MotivateMonday this week to share some surprising ways you can use creativity in design, storytelling, strategy, and love to raise more for your nonprof

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How to Design a Seamless & Personalized Digital Donor Journey

Speaker: Tim Sarrantonio

The average nonprofit uses five or more different software platforms to create their donor’s journey, making the experience clunky and disjointed. If you want to design a magical online giving experience for donors, making their journey as seamless as possible is key. In this webinar with expert Tim Sarrantonio, you’ll learn the fundamental steps to create an immersive and personalized online giving experience for your donors.

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Think Big (but Start Small) with Nonprofit Innovation


With advances in technology such as artificial intelligence, automation, and cloud services flooding the marketplace, nonprofits feel the pressure to adapt, adopt, and innovate. But how do you determine what’s worthwhile and what’s a distraction from your mission? According to nonprofit technology experts, successful leaders often share one proven approach to innovation: They think big but start small.