Our EveryAction Hero: Jewish Voice for Peace


We do everything from legislative organizing to engaging in campaigns that seek to put nonviolent pressure on the government both in the US and Israel to respect international law. So for example a member could email me and say "hey, I'm in the middle of Utah and I'm a member and I'd like to find other people near me". This month, our EveryAction hero is Jewish Voice for Peace.

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See What’s Out There » Blog Archive » Mountaintop Mining – Seeing is rejecting.

See What's Out There

Mining is in the news a lot recently because of the terrible tragedy in Utah where six miners are presumed dead in a mine collapse and at least three more have been killed trying to rescue them. MTM SPECIFICALLY ALLOWED UNDER SMCRA MTM is a mining method that the United States government is largely responsible for creating.


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Social Actions Round-Up #24: Government Enters Social Media for Social Change Movement

Social Actions

As a child of the 80's (okay, very late 70's), I am used to government having very little (if any) involvement in technology driven initiatives (outside of the military), and certainly not technology for a purpose. This round-up just touches the surface: mentioning the appointment of a former Google executive to the Obama administration, highlighting the Utah senate's use of social media, and drawing attention to the Republican party's efforts to leverage crowdsourcing (Obama-style).

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Please Join VisionLink In Welcoming Aaron Titus To Our Proud Family!


He has testified before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs. from the George Washington School of Law, and his undergraduate degree in Architecture from the University of Utah. VisionLink is honored to welcome yet another resident specialist to our ever-growing VisionLink team. As the new Disaster Product Manager for VisionLink, Aaron comes from an extensive and distinguished background.

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Is Your State an Employment First State?

Vertex Systems

Since 2012 the EFSLMP has worked with core states by providing onsite and virtual assistance to state-government teams. Utah. . . . What is the EFSLMP? The Employment First State Leadership Mentoring Program is an initiative from the Office of Disability Employment Policy, a division of the Department of Labor. . Purpose of EFSLMP. The focus of the EFSLMP is to provide mentorship to "core states" through intensive technical assistance.

What strategies can nonprofits enact to retain millennials?

ASU Lodestar Center

There is evidence that millennials thrive in flatter organizational structures with shared governance and peer to peer collaboration. She currently serves on the executive team for Plant Based Utah, a nonprofit organization with a mission to educate the community on healthy eating. In her spare time, she is also a volunteer leader for Girl Scouts of Utah as well as an avid long-distance runner Illustration by Jocelyn Ruiz.

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Boosting Arizona's Philanthropic Resources

ASU Lodestar Center

Given the recent substantial cutbacks in state government support for many nonprofits, I believe the sector needs to get very creative about expanding revenue sources. Only two of the ten most generous states (Utah and Arkansas) had higher state and local tax burdens than Arizona. A third would be to encourage the state government to explore the use of Social Impact Bonds or Pay-for-Performance Bonds to raise additional investment capital for nonprofits that can prove impact.

Bigger is always better…(Except when it’s not!)

ASU Lodestar Center

The ASU Lodestar Center offers board governance training. Scola, CFRE has been involved professionally in nonprofit work since 1983, having held leadership positions in Texas and Utah, as well as Arizona and California. posted by. John Scola, CFRE , President. John Scola & Associates. Courtney, a new executive director of a relatively small nonprofit, was anxious to learn as much as possible in order to manage her work.

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SPAM and the not-for-profit

Michael Stein's Non-profit Technology Blog

Talking to my coworkers and clients, I've become aware that there are misconceptions about the regulations governing marketing email. So I'm not sure the Utah example she gives is still valid, or her concern about how regulations differ from state to state. Until 1/1/2004, the rules against spam were governed by a host of state regulations. People are afraid they will be labelled spammers and be hit with draconain fines.

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Do You Know the Chase Bank Routing Transit Number?


First two digits: 00 – United States Government. These payments include employer-reimbursed expenses, tax refunds, government benefits, interest payments, and annuity payments. Your bank’s routing number is significant because it is the key to knowing where to send and receive money. In fact, when banks ask for a “voided check,” they are usually looking for this number.