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What is in the Treaty of Marrakesh?

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

First, it makes creating a national domestic copyright exception an obligation of countries that ratify the Treaty. Second, the Treaty allows for easier import and export of accessible versions of books and other copyrighted works. So, this means books, periodicals and other similar textual works, including audio versions of those titles. It covers music in the form of sheet music, but not audio or videos of performances. Technological Protection Measures.

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Donor Spotlight: Lavelle Fund for the Blind

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Embracing measured risk, The Fund has been willing to make early bets on Benetech, and has repeatedly chosen to invest in our prototype projects. It was again a grant from the Lavelle Fund (our third) that allowed us to develop the ability to provide accessible MP3 audio versions of our materials and realize the enormous potential impact of mobile reading options for individuals with print disabilities.

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Towards Global Access for the Print Disabled

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

A Policy Update from an engineer, Jim Fruchterman of Benetech June 8, 2010 The international copyright negotiations in Geneva around a proposed Treaty for the Visually Impaired (“TVI”) have been steadily heating up. I’m measuring this entire effort by how it much it does to change this sorry state of affairs, in both the short and long term. A definition of formats that includes Braille, audio and digital text, but excludes large print and video.

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This Digital Marketing Process Will Make You Write Better Content

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Measure – Prove to leadership that the investments made are yielding incremental results toward your goals. Avoid Copyright Infringement. In Google, you also have the option to filter out copyrighted images under the tools section. Here’s a list of equipment and software I’ve used in the past to create 5-10 minute demo videos: Microphone: Audio-Technica.

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The ROI of Social Media - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


The trouble with social media thus far has been that it’s been difficult for practitioners to measure its efficacy. We decided to organize our session, organized by Monique, by doing a little 101 on social media (what it is), ROI (how do you define it, different metrics used to measure it) and the challenges those organizations of all stripes face. The metrics for measuring ROI can be extremely varied.

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