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In the beginning, TechSoup’s Marnie Webb, Daniel Ben-Horin, and Billy Bicket created NetSquared to "remix the web for social change." To get going, they built the first NetSquared website using open-source Drupal. " NetSquared Up Close and Personal.

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With video conferencing, broadband, and Second Life, well, we can all safely stay ensconced in our own virtual-reality-sensory-deprivation-tanks and just digitally dance the salsa at the next NTEN gathering.??? What should Netsquared's Facebook strategy be?

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Open source = new kind of vendor lock-in? | Non-Profit Tech Blog

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Pipes (1) Strategy Open source = new kind of vendor lock-in? 03.20.06 | 17 6 Comments [link] Open+source+%3D+new+kind+of+vendor+lock-in%3F 2006-03-21+02%3A43%3A12 Allan+Benamer I happen to be the member of a few non-profit technology e-mail lists. In fact, most open source tech consultants probably see themselves as the technical equivalent of NPOs themselves with the NPO standing in as the needy client. In open source similar but different.

Data Digest: From Presidential Campaigns to Social Good

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It originally appeared on NetSquared. Examples of open government data reuse in US by private corporations and nonprofits is also highlighted and a webinar to help those that also want to use it is being hosted this month. Open Government Data.

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09NTC: Let’s Connect in San Fran!

Amy Sample Ward

NetSquared’s Global Community Builder , Amy Sample Ward, will be at the NTC this year to connect and collaborate with friends, colleagues and new faces in the sector. Here’s how to find Amy and connect with NetSquared. Find more ways to follow virtually from NTC-Live. NetSquared Office Hours. Have questions about NetSquared, Net Tuesdays or innovation Challenges? Tags: events 09ntc netsquared nten

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NpTech Summary: VTvigils Online, Netsquared Announces 21 Featured Projects, and Happiness Hacking

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Netsquared Innovation Fund Netsquared Announces the 21 Featured Projects and solicits for feedback. Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology speaks about how difficult is to be objective, while Social Source blog described it as a high school popularity contest.

NpTech Tag Summary: Voting Deadline at Netsquared Extended, NTC Pipe, and More

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Netsquared Voting Deadline Extended. Due to some technical glitches , you now have 48 additional hours to figure out what 5-10 of the 150 fantastic social change and technology projects at Netsquared will receive your vote. Open Source Software is Fair Trade !

Resource Roundup 11/13 | Idealware


The Center for Disease Controls Second Life (Spare Change) A terrific, detailed case study about the Center for Disease Controls involvement in the online virtual world Second Life, with an emphasis on the outreach potential and the organizational politics of ventures like these. The State of Open Source software for Nonprofits (NetSquared) NetSquared has released (okay, a little belatedly) a podcast of the State of Open Source panel from their conference in the spring.

TechSoup Roundup of 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference

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12 Nonprofit Technology Conference - An Outsider's Perspective from Alicja Peszkowska out of TechSoup Global's Warsaw office, writing on the NetSquared Blog. 12NTC: Open-Source Mobile Apps for Social Change from Ariel Gilbert-Knight.

NpTech Summary: Red T-Shirt Day - Supporting Monks, YouTube Nonprofit Channel, and Web2forDev Conference Reports

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

There's a roundup of coverage on his Netsquared blog , including pointers to live blog posts like this one. More from Britt Bravo on Netsquared blog. Virtual drinks are very much needed on this Facebook profile. It's an open source free web meeting service.

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Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

While the meebo nptech chat room is chatting live during the PDF, a few tweets overheard on twitter anticipate the upcoming NetSquared Conference. NetSquared Community. for the NetSquared Conference (N2Y2) beginning on May 29th. without leaving the virtual world!

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Humane Social Marketing (Netsquared) Carie Lewis, Internet Marketing Manager at the Humane Society, talks about how they raise funds, awareness, and activity through social networks.

NpTechTag Summary: NpTech Blog Buzz, NGOS at Demo 07, and Moulin

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Marshall Kirkpatrick, longtime Netsquared blogger, is now working with Splashcast also at DEMO 07 this week. Check out this splashcast channel with a nonprofit theme created by Netsquared Blogger, Britt Bravo. Personal Fundraising and Open Source Deductions Article in the Seattle Times about personal fundraising, Hoping To Help Darfur $1 at a Time that focuses on that has successfully raiased $30,000 in very small donations - $1 per person.

Social Actions Round-Up #24: Government Enters Social Media for Social Change Movement

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UC Berkeley Human Rights Center launches a Mobile Challenge on NetSquared. launches a virtual volunteering program. Tom Watson of CauseWired launches the Open Source Giving blog on SocialEdge. Social Actions roundups are syndicated on CauseWired , CauseGlobal , TakePart , and NetSquared

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NpTech Tag Summary: Scarcity Thinking, Social Network Fragmentation?, and Engagement Strategies

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Netsquared Net Tuesday next week in SF is about " How Nonprofits Can Use And Build Online Social Networks ," featuring speakers from and Ning. Finally an interesting question over at Netsquared from Cauzoo, " Bells and Whistles, Do They Help you Get Heard ?"

NpTech Tag Summary: Free Ranger Rick, Green Geekery, and Blog Day is Next Week!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Google Earth launches Virtual Telescope: Sky as noted by the Viralroots blog where you can see both GoogleEarth and the sky. News from Nigeria via the Netsquared blog. And if you're looking for some fabulous manuals for open source software, check out the Floss Manuals.

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NpTech Conversations Convio Opens Up API Jason at DIA summarizes the posts and the bigs news in the nptech field this last week - Convio Releases An Open API. Games for Change and Virtual Words Nick Booth points to Free Rice, an online edugaming for good.

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Virtual Worlds The Horizon Project wiki, which explores virtual worlds in education, has been nominated for Best Educational Wiki 2007 - vote here. Then do the next best thing, take a virtual trip to Bali. Net Tuesdays are spreading around the globe!

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Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Here's a few (formally) connected conversations and roundups: The nonprofit blog exchange has posted pointers to the last round of blog posts for the virtual event, along with a summary of nonprofit blog exchange blog posts. Cross posted at Netsquared

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Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Conversation Tracking in the NpTech Space There quite a blog buzz about the need for a Netsquared European Remix going on. MacArthur Foundation announces a Virtual Philanthropy event in Second Life next week. The BuzzMonitor is an open source application that "listens" to what people are saying about the World Bank across blogs and other sites in order to help the organization understand and engage in social media.

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Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Finding a cure for breast cancer takes more than virtual pink ribbons. Deborah Finn isn't crazy about Facebook, although she likes giving virtual gifts and especially using the applications of her clients, like Changing the Present.

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Another side benefit is that IATS allows for direct access into its virtual terminal. You can use these tags: « Open source = new kind of vendor lock-in?