Interview with Zainab Salbi, Founder of Women for Women International

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One of the ones I am continuing to support is Women for Women International. I was thrilled when Zainab Salbi, Women for Women International's Founder and CEO, agreed to an interview with me for the Big Vision Podcast. Women for Women International has been around for 16 years.

International Organizations and Social Media: News, Engagement, and Social Data for Policy Change

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I’m teaching a graduate class at the Monterey Institute of International Studies based on my books, The Networked Nonprofit and Measuring the Networked Nonprofit. The second most conversational leader is Rwanda’s President @PaulKagame.

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nfp 2.0 » Camera Rwanda: Storytelling using Flickr

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whitewater widgets yak shack November 1st, 2006 Camera Rwanda: Storytelling using Flickr Kresta King Cutcher has been posting images to the Flickr photo-sharing community since September 2005. Was there anything in particular which drew you to Rwanda?

Paul Rusesabagina & Bloggers for Darfur

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Yesterday I went to see Paul Rusesabagina speak, the man who inspired the movie, Hotel Rwanda. about events happening on April 30th to raise awareness about the genocide in Darfur. darfur genocide rwanda bloggers

nfp 2.0 » You’ve been promoted to “Buzz Director” (what, you don’t have one?)

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It’s a particular crusade of mine to encourage not-for-profits to identify an internal champion (or recruit a virtual volunteer) to take on this role. That doesn’t mean proving ROI, but having some immediate examples of the impact you can have goes a long way to getting people internally on board.

Use Social Media to Reel in Big Fish Donors

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Coordinate all internal efforts. An organization dedicated to “never again” a genocide — such as those in Europe, Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Darfur — must raise awareness and advocate with as much energy as it raises money. Flickr Photo by Canolais.

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Solutionary Women: Heddy Nam

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This week's Solutionary Woman is 24-year-old Heddy Nam, the Associate to the Chief Operating Officer of Amnesty International USA and co-founder of Never Again , an international network of young people working for peace. Describe the work you do for Amnesty International.

Beijing 2008 Olympics Potential Catalyst for Human Rights

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The 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing is providing leverage for Tibetan, Darfurian, Burmese and Chinese human rights campaigns: The International Campaign for Tibet created the Race for Tibet. As a result, the UN is making the same mistakes it made on Darfur and Rwanda.

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Ask Britt: How can I combine the creative arts with social impact?

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Examples of socially rousing photography permeate our history: Vietnam, Rwanda, 9-11’s Ground Zero. Aid to Artisans "Aid to Artisans (ATA), an international nonprofit organization, is a recognized leader of economic development for the craft industry.

Do What You Can: National Week of Action for Darfur April 6-13

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April 6-13, 2008 human rights groups like Genocide Intervention Network , STAND , Amnesty International , and Save Darfur are using the Global Week for Darfur to raise awareness about the continuing violence and need for action. April 6 Host a fundraiser house party for your favorite human rights organization with a viewing of Hotel Rwanda in memory of the Rwandan genocide's anniversary. "[Y]ou don't necessarily have to solve a problem.

Support Women Survivors of War with $27/month

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If not director of a school, I would like to be someone of importance, someone of value again.'"--Honorata (pictured left) about her experience with Women for Women International. The show ended, and I immediately signed up to be a Women for Women International sponsor.

nfp 2.0 » Online activism in a fragmented world

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There have been other interesting examples such as the Jubilee 2000 movement, which grew from small beginnings to become an effective international campaign. The take up of blogging and that network of people blogging about the same thing is gradually raising awareness of issues that matter.

nfp 2.0 » Bertie, Blogs and Breast Cancer Care

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Having said that, I have recently seen some powerful campaigning videos on YouTube, e.g. this video for the purple ribbon film festival in Taiwan to raise awareness of violence against women and this one produced by WWF Canada for their Save our Climate campaign.

Empowering Women Citizen Journalists: An Interview with Cristi Hegranes

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The Press Institute for Women in the Developing World is an international nonprofit organization and citizen journalism initiative. I had the feeling that there was something else that I could be doing with my passion for journalism and my knowledge of international reporting.

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NpTech Tag Summary: Penguin Day in New Orleans, Fondling the Tools, and More

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Photo from (Registration is here ) Mashups, Meatballs, and New Orleans Do you look at all of the data available online, and imagine ways to combine and connect it to increase awareness about an issue?

The Global Fund for Women: An Interview with Kavita Ramdas

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I think it's worth it (: Kavita Ramdas: The Global Fund for Women is the largest independent, publicly supported grant-making foundation to advance women's human rights internationally. I think feminists in the United States have always had a strong sense of international solidarity.

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