Machinima Festival and NTC Video Contest

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Machinima, derived from the words ???machine??? Combining aspects of animation, game development, puppetry, graffiti, fan fiction, and improvisational theater into a moving image art form, machinima represents the latest frontier of digital popular culture. The Museum of the Moving Image is hosting the 2006 Machinima Festival this weekend in NYC. Machinima with Issues Engaging and provocative uses of machinima as art, advocacy, and evidence will be presented and discussed.

Six New Games for Change: Check Out the Future of Gaming for Good


With the rise of more gamers re-purposing video game footage to tell their stories, or machinima as it’s more popularly called, the jury felt compelled to suggest goldextra reassess what their goal is with Frontiers.The decision to make the game feel like a first person shooter may actually subvert players to enjoy the competitive aspects of the game rather than the actual message at hand. By Jeff Ramos, Community and Content Manager, Games for Change.

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NPTechTag Roundup: Election Debriefs and Wikis in Your Kitchen!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

15th including a session on using Machinima to create political and social change videos. Vlog and Blog Raising Lost in Light is a videoblog about small gauge filmmaking featuring home movies, work by artists, articles by preservationists and film scholars, video tutorials and other film gems. Click To Play. Found via the NpTech Tag at

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Jumping into Art in Second Life

Museum 2.0

It's a machinima (video) by Robbie Dingo, a 3D recreation of Van Gogh's Starry Night. Well, I ran into some people I knew, met some interesting new folks, got into the vibe of the art, and even ended up in an art conversation chatting about interesting artists like Stephen Hendee and Joshua Davis. When people talk about museum projects in Second Life and other virtual worlds, I'm often disappointed by the short-sightedness of the vision.