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If I buy the book through the link on the Three Cups of Tea web site, the Central Asia Institute , Mortenson's nonprofit, will get a percentage of the sale's proceeds. education book Pakistan Afghanistan Kyrgyzstan MongoliaHello Have Fun * Do Good readers!

Digital Ecology: The Future of Nonprofit Websites


As part of their digital footprint, Mercy Corps , a prominent NGO that acts to alleviate poverty and suffering throughout the world, has seven major websites, including their main site, campaign sites, and regional sites in the UK, China, and even Mongolia. The way nonprofit organizations use the web has changed. By Phillip Djwa, Founder, Agentic.

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How Gen Z Donors Harness the Power of Online Giving

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

“I want to feed all the hungry children from here to the frosty, wind-swept steppes of distant Mongolia” is a worthy goal, but “I want to raise $5,000 to help feed the kids at the local homeless shelter” is a more realistic (and achievable) one.

NpTech Tag Summary: Nonprofits Lead Fortune 500 in Social Web Adoption, and More

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Papilia Online Tax Receipts enables nonprofits to provide donors with a secure web page that allows them to view their giving history and print personalized tax receipts. Key finding, as Sarah Dopp notes " The Nonprofits Are Winning."

Favorite Do-Good Books of 2008

Have Fun - Do Good

I've been opening a lot of talks about how nonprofits can use the social web with a line from his book, "Revolution doesn’t happen when society adopts new technologies -- it happens when society adopts new behaviors." books 2008 activist nonprofit

Secret Agent L: Covering the Globe with Random Acts of Kindess

Have Fun - Do Good

I have one in Mongolia. I've been toying around with the idea of making it a nonprofit, and maybe putting some kind of curriculum in place for schools. Photo by Rob de la Cretaz "We're so busy. We walk down the street. We're listening to our iPods. We're plugged into our phones.