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It was my last afternoon in Mali, as I started psychic re-entry process into my normal existence, that I remembered that in real life, hey, I'm a geek. So I dropped by the offices of GeekCorps Mali, which as it turned out was just around the corner from where I was staying at Rebecca and Fode's house in the Quartier Hippodrome. And project director Matt Berg took time to show me around their labs and talk to me about their work.

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NpTech Tag Summary: Five Hot Conversations!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

NpTech Tag Skypecast Anyone? Marnie Webb puts out a call for a call next wed, thurs, or friday to discuss in real time the issues that have surfaced around the NpTech Tag. Comment, Blog it, tag it NpTech, and/or start a blog over at the Netsquared site. Gentilly Project using geographic information technologies and organizational theories to accelerate the residential and economic recovery of Post-Katrina New Orleans.


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NpTech Tag: People Behind Tags, NpTech Timeline, Twitter, and More Widgets

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Gavin's NpTech Timeline in SlideShare. " Gavin's idiosyncratic timeline of circuit riders, NTEN, and other things related to the NPTech community. This is one of several powerpoint presentations now archived in SlideShare and also included in a NpTech History wiki (anyone can join and contribute.). Kikono - Digg for NpTech. There was much nptech blogosphere and general blogosphere buzz. It's The People Behind The Tags!

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Case Study: An Accidental Techie #FAIL Story


Given the organization-wide scope of my proposed project, effective change management practices were key to the success of the project. My oversight became striking apparent when my strongest leadership-level advocate, our development director, retired before the project was implemented. Without the support of leadership, the project essentially dragged to a halt. Have you lead this sort of ambitious project in your nonprofit?

The Blogger Returns

Michael Stein's Non-profit Technology Blog

Well, for one thing, planning a trip over the holidays to Morocco and Mali. We'll start in Bamako, where we will be staying with our niece Rebecca and her family -- Rebecca is there heading up a project of the Educational Development Center -- but then head up north to Segou, Djenne, pays Dogon, and Timbuctou. I've been absent from these pages a long time. There's so much going on my blogging has just gone by the wayside. Let's get back on track. What have I been up to?

The Math Is Starting to Add Up: The Promise of Mobile


At Geekcorps Mali, our approach was: through great engineering feats attempt to somehow lower the costs of access, while hopefully creating sustainable “business models” in the process. At the Millennium Villages Project, with the help of groups like Inveneo, we’ve been able to take advantage of the advent of low cost and low power computers, long range wifi-networks and, increasingly, GSM-based data to deliver ICT services in a much more affordable way.

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The Digital Divide Doesn't Exist


Mohammed Diop, of Mali , presumably one of the very people OLPC wants to convince: "It is a very clever marketing tool. By signing up to work with nonprofits, you've already served notice that you're ready to spend your social capital -- to write checks, to choose projects and programs, to hire, to conduct research -- in ways you believe will address digital (and other forms of) inequality. Tags: digital divide Newsletter NPTech NTEN Brett Meyer, NTEN.