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The other half of the day they go to university pursuing advanced studies in numerous different fields (I asked a bunch of the students their area of study and heard answers like business, law, accountancy and even forestry). and ship the images and recognized text to Laos (and several other countries with other partners, including of course the U.S.). The head of DDD's Laos office is Ms. Benetech is a tech social enterprise.

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Christian Kreutz, Web 2.0 for Development Blogger, is in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam Now. Cambodian Education System Changes To OpenSource Software!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

At a massive ceremony that took place on 22 January 2008, the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport presented its new Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Textbook for all schools that have computers, all universities and all teacher training facilities. I've been following Christian Kreutz 's blog, CrissCrossed Blog , which explores social changes through communication and focuses on the impact, potential and challenges of using Web2.0

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A History of How Modern ESG Came to Be


196 0s – Anti Vietnam War protests and the push for peace in the United States is well-known for the actions taken by University students and protesters, but also involved outspoken members of the business community.

[VIDEO] Power Of Community In Strategic Planning


I’m a big believer about putting things into the universe. But what we did for this Southeast Asian community, working with Hmong and Lao families, is we wanted to create a more supportive chemical abuse and reducing the use of chemical and drugs. .

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Celebrate Community Storytelling

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Toan Lam is a multimedia consultant, university professor, thought leader, and former TV reporter and host who is on the forefront of the changing landscape of multimedia. She studied the German, Czech, and Spanish languages and has lived and traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia, including Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic, Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Upcoming Nonprofits Live: Storytelling and Collaborative Video

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She is an experienced Director, Producer, Researcher, Screenwriter and Social Media Marketing Strategist with field and studio experience on large- and small-scale productions in the United States, England, Ghana, Thailand and Laos. Berkeley, Stanford, United Nations University, New York University, UC.

Women Activists Profiled by Mariane Pearl in Glamour

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Pearl has profiled 9 women in 9 countries: Cambodia: Somaly Mam, a former sex worker who founded Acting for Women in Distressing Situations , an organization that rescues sex workers in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, and gives them job training. Hong Kong: Anson Chan, the highest-ranking woman to serve in Hong Kong's Government, who is campaigning for universal suffrage in Hong Kong.

Preventing Human Trafficking: An Interview with Christina Arnold

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We have an annual study tour that we do every year to Southeast Asia for scholars, researchers, academics, students, funders, you name it, who would like to get outside of the bubble of the United States and see firsthand the circumstances that people endure, and where people are at, and what this looks like on the ground, especially in some of the very at risk areas along the Thai-Burma border, the border with Laos, and also in Vietnam and Cambodia.