NextGen philanthropists and the transfer of intergenerational wealth

ASU Lodestar Center

Bjorhovde (2002) in Teaching philanthropy to children: why, where and what , finds that the value of philanthropy and the actions of giving and serving are the consequences of "three primary types of learning: (1) modeling, which involves seeing and hearing, (2) cognitive learning, which combines thinking and discussing, and (3) experiential learning, which involves doing." Will the next generation really create new institutions and models? posted by Patsy Kraeger, Ph.D.

Who Counts? Grappling with Attendance as a Proxy for Impact

Museum 2.0

We also focused this year on working with the countywide adult education agency to start an intergenerational science program at three senior centers throughout St. visitors business models When you count attendance to your museum, do you include: people who eat in the cafe? people who rent the facility for private events? people who engage with your content online? participants in offsite outreach programs? volunteers? This summer, the St.


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The Truth about Bilingual Interpretation: Guest Post by Steve Yalowitz

Museum 2.0

This qualitative, exploratory study involved tracking and interviewing 32 Spanish-speaking intergenerational groups in fully bilingual exhibits at four different science centers/museums. Facilitation – We researched intergenerational groups, so it’s not surprising that many of the adults saw their role as facilitator as essential to their own and the group’s success in the exhibition.

From Community Arts To Community of Online Learners: Janet Salmons, Ph.D

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

From Cornell I went to the intergenerational, national nonprofit called Magic Me. These courses are designed for adult learners, using a " scholar-practitioner " model. I met Janet Salmons many years ago while I working on various arts and technology projects in New York State for the New York Foundation for the Arts.