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It’s not an especially large part of the economy, and most charities operate on a shoestring, without the resources to finance research projects. Americans gave $295 billion to charity in 2006, equal to 2.2 which often works with charities.

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Rebooting Charity

lindsey : Hey Steve - Have you checked out GoodTube yet as a tool for NFP’s to raise money. dan Says: December 31st, 2006 at 10:12 pm I think the virtual Camp Darfur showed more of the qualities for SL success that you & Rik are advocating.

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Buy a Song, Support a Cause

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Profits from the record raised money for famine relief in Ethiopia. It also raised money for famine relief in Africa. raises money for Amnesty's Darfur work. In 2004, Band Aid 20 re-recorded, "Do They Know It's Christmas," to fund famine relief in Darfur.

How Nonprofits Are Using Video Online: 20 Examples

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Online video has become an increasingly popular tool used by non-profits to raise awareness. These campaigns encourage visitors to get involved by recording and contributing their own videos or photos: 24 Hours for Darfur has collected over 900 personal video appeals from celebrities, politicians, Darfurians, and citizens around the world. The campaign aims to strengthen Darfur advocacy and enable individuals to send their appeals to political leaders.

Changing the Present, Give Meaning, and Personal Fundraising Campaigns

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Nonetheless, I wholeheartedly agree with the concept and philosophy that giving donations to causes is better than giving stuff -- and we've been doing this for years on our own directing people to give gifts to charities we care about. Stop the genocide in Darfur, that???d

Nonprofits and MySpace Roundup Inspired By Solidariti

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Save Darfur. She also points to a recent article in the Australian press about nonprofits in Melbourne raising money in my space called It's MySpace, my charity, your money. " She said it was not surprising small charities were turning to MySpace: "The latest way people communicate changes all the time ??? The Solidariti Blog is written by Priscilla Brice-Weller who has worked for the not-for-profit sector in Melbourne, Austraila.

The Move On Model: Inciting Visitor Social Action

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section about the genocide in Darfur, which includes information about direct action, as well as connection to a variety of social networks, blogs, and content about the situation.

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A Tale of Three NPO Facebook Apps | Beaconfire Wire

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Each organization has a small blurb to pitch why you should donate to them, but you and your competitors in the space are still side by side, so promoting a change can be a risk since you’ll likely only be raising a portion of the donations.

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