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How to accept bitcoin and other crypto donations

Whole Whale

Or find nonprofits that have direct ways to donate crypto on their donation options like: Save the Children WaterAid Give Crypto : a crypto fund created to help Venezuela, arranged by Coinbase. Fidelity Charitable : For larger planned giving, Fidelity offers more management of a portfolio. How to accept crypto currency as a nonprofit?

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How Nonprofits Can Jump on the Bitcoin Bandwagon

NonProfit Hub

No matter who becomes president, or which party has a Senate majority, the US government (or any government for that matter) cannot print more bitcoin and hyperinflate the currency like we’re seeing in countries like Venezuela. These features, among others, have made bitcoin a rising star, and the best appreciating asset in recent history.


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The Painting Journalist: Witness To Peace

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Ashely Cecil is fundraising on her blog for her upcoming to visit Venezuela this February with Witness for Peace where art will meet social activism. Discussing alternatives to current US policies and ways to advocate for more just policies towards Venezuela. I will be creating watercolors while I???

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10 Common Misconceptions Nonprofits Have About Bitcoin Fundraising

Nonprofit Tech for Good

It cannot be arbitrarily printed/devalued like what happened in Venezuela. Smart criminals wouldn’t use a system that records every single transaction on an immutable and public ledger. Myth 4: Nothing makes Bitcoin valuable, right? Bitcoin is backed by math and code. There will always only ever be 21,000,000 bitcoin created.

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Nonprofit Data Could Be The Missing Piece In Your CSR Strategy

Global Giving

It combines government data, public information, and other reliable records to give the most comprehensive virtual map of nonprofits from Afghanistan to Venezuela. GlobalGiving Atlas includes everything from government ID numbers, mission statements, and organization financials.

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Big Vision Podcast: Steve Williams from POWER

Have Fun - Do Good

Having an opportunity to go to Cuba, to South Africa, to Venezuela, and to see places where both ordinary people have really seen the results of what happens when they join up with their neighbors and begin to trying to change their own reality.

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How-to: Let Go and Start Blogging


I followed the blog around the time of my travel to Venezuela in 2007 during which time the blog reported on the controversy surrounding the license of privately-held RCTV. This blogger writes with a personal flair, highlighting photos, statistics, government documents to comment on social and economic conditions there.