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Highest Rated Holiday Travel Destinations for Your Auction

Greater Giving

Here are the TOP 3 picks for Holiday Travel Destinations this year: Fiji – A Tropical Paradise. Fiji is a tropical paradise, known for its activities and beaches. Fiji’s hundreds of islands are an aquatic constellation scattered in a bright blue sea.

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Stanhope- Seta Wins Third Queens Award

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

The Innovation Award was granted to Stanhope Seta for the design and manufacture of the popular Fame in Jet (FIJI) Instrument! The FIJI Instrument. It is the FIJI instrument that was to thank for Stanhope Seta taking home the Innovation award – with the modern machine able to detect the smallest levels of a chemical compound known as fatty acid mthyl ester (FAME).

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The Greenwash Brigade

Tech Soup Blog

They have recently published Greenwashes of the Year 2008 and here are some of their findings: Fiji Water's new green campaign. Greenwash Brigade member Heidi Siegelbaum found that Fiji Water's 'Every Drop is Green' claim to be prime greenwashing. To ship their bottles of water to Los Angeles (the closest Fiji Water destination point in the US) it is 5,500 miles per trip.

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Departing from LA, Next Stop Brisbane: An Interview with a Digital Native

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Alex is on route to Fiji. One of the best gadgets I picked up was a travel plug with three outlets. As you know doubt know, airports are not designed for travelers with laptops. There were few plugs at the gate, so I asked this young guy named Alex who was using the plug to recharge his Ipod if could share. We started to chat about technology and I asked him a few questions about his use of web 2.0 sites and social networking. He was only vaguely aware of blogs.

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How to Win the Story Wars


Sachs highlighted the example of the Fiji Green marketing campaign, where consumers quickly learned that Fuji’s practices weren’t "green" at all. Be honest, does your nonprofit spend time and resources on crafting a good story to share with your supporters? If you are shaking your head no, you are not alone. Most nonprofits spend their time trying to persuade people with facts.

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