Mon.Jan 11, 2021

Annual Planning in an Ever-Changing World

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Back in 2019, I had some great conversations with colleagues from various organizations while I helped them brainstorm ideas and strategies for their missions and make plans for the coming year. As 2020 rolled in, most had created their plans. Many of those plans were energizing and exciting.

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Steps to creating effective learning & development program


Training their employees can be a company’s biggest challenge, especially in a rapidly fluctuating business environment. Read the article to know about seven steps that will help you develop the perfect learning and development plan

5 Rules for Keeping Volunteers Safe in a Pandemic

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Editor’s Note: Please always refer to WHO, national and/or local health guidelines for the latest COVID-19 guidelines. You can also find additional information at [link]. . Mindful community organizations like yours have followed the recommended safety guidelines for months now.