Drupal 101


I've been doing a lot of work with the open source content management system Drupal lately, and thought I'd share some thoughts on how to get a new site up and running. Drupal, you might recall, got high ratings in Idealware's March '09 report comparing open source content management systems. Despite it's popularity, there are some detractors who make good points, but I find Drupal to be flexible, powerful and customizable enough to meet a lot of my web development needs.

Drupal 101: Navigation


Here's the third in a series of posts on getting started with Drupal, the popular open source content management system. Today we'll look at site structure, and how menus, blocks and taxonomies can make your site navigable for your visitors. Drupal assigns numbers to individual items.

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Drupal 101: More on Modules


Last week, I kicked off this series on setting up a basic web site with Drupal , the popular open source Content Management System. This week we're going to take a closer look at Modules, the Drupal add-ons that can extend your web site's functionality.

The PB&J Principle: Managing expectations of data and how it flows to make an appetizing website


We talked about the fundamental elements of a Drupal site, how they relate, and—most importantly—the order in which elements need to be determined. drupal information architecture taxonomy Web Sites websites IT Staff Chad Cappellman. Digital Strategist. Taoti Creative. Whether it's making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or designing the architecture of a new website, attention to detail is critical, and clarity is king.

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Building and Supporting Your Drupal Website: In-House, Outsourced, or Both?


Ongoing maintenance is a necessity, unless you choose Drupal Gardens , an affordable solution for simple sites. Do you have a full time staff member who lives and breathes Drupal? Do you have a team with some expertise in information architecture, taxonomy, and usability, a team with capacity to outline website specifications clearly? Some vendors, like Acquia and Zivtech , offer Drupal training, and many independent consultants will do training, so be sure to ask.

Fun with Drupal Commons, a Powerful Solution for Online Community Building


However, the tools continue to get better and better, and we are excited to begin working with Acquia's Drupal Commons , a recent entrant into the enterprise collaboration fray. It is a powerful hybrid, combining many of the best features of Jive together with Drupal's powerful taxonomy tools and Acquia's awesome faceted search. But now that the Drupal Community has their hands on it, we expect to see it mature quickly and are excited to help drive the evolution.

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Comparing Open Source Content Management Systems


Chris Bernard, Senior Editor, Idealware Idealware's first report on Open Source Content Management Systems for nonprofits, published in March of 2009, covered WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Plone. While Joomla supports more complex site structures than WordPress, it is not as flexible as Drupal or Plone. Drupal Flexible and powerful, Drupal is a great choice for more complex sites. But Drupal's power comes with complexities. Drupal's latest release, 7.0,

Strengthen Your Community with a Knowledge Sharing Network


A Drupal or Wordpress site could include these features by adding modules/plug-ins/widgets. Laura Norvig is the Special Librarian for the Resource Center at nationalservice.gov/resources She works on the taxonomy, information architecture, search quality, and usability of the website, curates content, and has been instrumental in developing a social media presence for the Resource Center. By Laura Norvig, Special Librarian, the Resource Center.

NpTechTag Summary: Connected Conversations, Live Blogging, and Other Great Finds

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Many useful observations and questions raised about how to analyze the tagging data we've collected and how to move from a folksonomy to a taxonomy. photo of Lucy Bernholz live blogging during the Northern California Grantmakers Briefing. Photo in flickr from Community Technology Foundation.