Fighting for Civic Transparency with Technology in the Western Balkans

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The goal was to find the best web or mobile ideas for social projects in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. The site will then publish responses from local officials and encourage further transparency. From Serbia.

Hackathons for Good: Techies, Thinkers, and Activists Unite

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Community Boost_r is a project that inspires, enables, and promotes tech for civil participation in transparency and accountability initiatives in the Western Balkans. Serbia) in partnership with TechSoup Global and Zasto ne (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

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Nonprofit Technology News for May 2014

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The tech support nonprofit, TechBridge in Georgia, has launched the first crowdfunding platform for nonprofit technology projects. Tech For Good Winners of the 12th Annual Microsoft Imagine Cup. The tech for good category in the competition is called World Citizenship.

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Nonprofit Technology News for May 2013: Free WiFi in Forbes Magazine and Braille Phones

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We sincerely invite your nonprofit or library tech news nominations. I posted some nonprofit technology trends and news late last month, but found some late breaking nptech news items I wanted to add.

Nonprofit Technology News for April 2013

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I invite you to have a look at my list of 2013 forecasts on nonprofit technology trends with its handy new infographic so you can see how right (or wrong) I am about this year's tech trends for the sector. We sincerely invite your nonprofit or library tech news nominations.