Fighting for Civic Transparency with Technology in the Western Balkans

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This past spring, FTS was on the ground in the Western Balkans, helping organize the Community Boost_r Challenge. The goal was to find the best web or mobile ideas for social projects in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. The Power of Technology Challenges.

Hackathons for Good: Techies, Thinkers, and Activists Unite

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Microsoft's International Women's Hackathon challenged female developers to combat issues like human trafficking through new mobile apps and web programs. Serbia) in partnership with TechSoup Global and Zasto ne (Bosnia and Herzegovina). The ReStart Challenges.

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The Future of Fundraising, Part Two

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which means "enough," began online and moved offline to solidify a movement to create a better Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Restart Romania challenge resulted in citizens proposing technological solutions to a range of real world problems such as corruption in the medical system. TechSoup hosted its first ever Nonprofits Live. on the Future of Fundraising back in 2011. The episode examined some of the ways technology and social media can be harnessed to support causes.

Nonprofit Technology News for November 2013

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We are testing it out at hackathons this month in San Francisco and also in Sarajevo in Bosnia. Cell Slider , which is a crowdsourced online tool for cancer research that challenges the ponderous cancer research establishment.

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Nonprofit Technology News for May 2013: Free WiFi in Forbes Magazine and Braille Phones

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I posted some nonprofit technology trends and news late last month, but found some late breaking nptech news items I wanted to add.

Solutionary Women: Heddy Nam

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Coming from a background in developing and implementing programs, it was a challenge to shift to the operations side of the non-profit world. What are the biggest challenges in your work with Amnesty International and Never Again?

Nonprofit Technology News for April 2013

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It's time to catch up on some of the nonprofit technology trends and news once again.