3 Strategies for Effective Nonprofit E-Learning

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If we gave you a list of instructions with the following information—and only the following information—what would you do? The point is that providing information and instruction isn’t very helpful to learners if you don’t provide specific examples to back it up.

Assembling the Right Team for an E-Learning Project


Write and review storyboards. They’ll bring technical course authoring and instructional design expertise to the table, so you’ll walk away with a course that teaches your staff members or volunteers to do their jobs better. . We’re heading into the “off-season” for many nonprofits.


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Tips for Taking a Tech-Fueled Approach to Nonprofit Training

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An e-learning content development expert will bring knowledge of both instructional design and e-learning best practices to the table, creating courses that help your learners do their jobs better. Amy started with Artisan as a contract writer/instructional designer.

How Nonprofit Staff Training Is Evolving Due to COVID-19

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Amy started with Artisan as a contract writer/instructional designer. One of her favorite things to do in the e-learning world is jump in with a client to write a storyboard that is creative and application-based.

Technorati Tag Bookmarklet: The Screencast

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The timing errors make it more of a comedy than an instructional video, but you have to start somewhere. Screencasting (and the software) has three functions: storyboarding, production, editing. Marshall has a great post about a technorati tag bookmarklet that can save you a lot of grunt work. Technorati tags can help you attract more readers for your blog and also facilitate contributing to the collective community wisdom surrounding a particular tag.

Flickr As Presentation Tool: Screencast #2

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

After seeing Nancy White's experiment and discovering Amit Agarwal's excellent instructions for. The instructions from Digital Inspiration were fantastic, but I made a few newbie mistakes that took me more time and were a little frustrating: 1.) I created a storyboard with small scenes. View the Screencast here.

The Jing Project: Embed Screencasts Into Conversation

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

And, I have to prepare some instruction in a completely different context, get organized to visit Sharing Foundation projects, pack T-shirts, AND finish the massives amount of work before I go. It was very liberating for me to create a screencast like this -- no storyboard, script, no retakes. Click to play. I have less than 20 days before I get on a plane and fly halfway around the world. That in and of itsef is a little mind blowing.

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