10 Nonprofits to Support on World Humanitarian Day


WRC advocates for programs and policies that create opportunity and drive change for these communities. On the policy and advocacy front , they invest resources into integrating HIV prevention, care, and treatment into health care, strengthening the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, and educating Congress. Take for instance its work in helping reduce the incidence of Guinea worm disease from an estimated 3.5

Starting a Recurring Giving Program: Tips from the Major Hospital Foundation

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Ask if they will be guinea pigs for the program and be honest about your purpose. This type of giving required brand new policies and procedures. The concept of recurring giving is pretty awesome.

Practical (Not Perfect) Security


He put his lock in the window of his locksmith shop and offered 200 Guineas to anyone who could pick it—that's the equivalent of more than $30,000 today. Many career thieves tried and failed to collect the 200 Guinea prize.

Test yourself on Facebook | Beaconfire Wire

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This should hopefully have the combined effect of making application development easier and letting developers’ friends off the hook for guinea pig duty. the developer’s friends from becoming guinea pigs for new application development, as this blogger argues.

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Vietnam and Indonesia Join TechSoup Asia’s Growing Family

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VietNet-ICT also actively participates in policy discussions to formulate laws and policies relating to information, technology, and communication towards sustainable development and equity.

Reflections on the Science Center World Congress

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Casual discussions were steeped in government policies, national literacy rates, and worldwide attitudes towards science. They are places outside our daily lives--the Arctic, Papau New Guinea--and are easy, in some ways, to ignore or forget. What is the Science Center World Congress ?

Taming the Last Unindexed Frontier | Beaconfire Wire

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MIT has found a way to mitigate this last problem, and they’re using their own video lectures as a guinea pig. Wikipedia: the next research frontier Viral Ethics privacy policy | sitemap copyright 2009, beaconfire consulting