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How to Write Effective Web Copy (Part 1): Make It Readable

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The Internet is bloated. Your users have miniscule attention spans. And nonprofit websites everywhere are filled with clichés and ambiguity. Words matter. The wrong words—or even worse, forgettable words—can cost you money and goodwill. But the right words can move mountains.

Delivery Driver Jobs


Delivery drivers almost always bring us good news or rather good things. That present your mom sent you for your birthday or that product you recently purchased from Amazon or the new handbag you are shipping from Paris must be delivered through a driver, and this is why we love delivery drivers.

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The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 104: 8 Keys to Cultivating Young Donors

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When you reach out and engage with donors, you could be setting the stage for a relationship that lasts a lifetime. This is even more important with your younger donors – however, you need to use the right strategies to begin to build that lasting relationship.

Should We Do Affiliate Marketing Through Blogging?

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Earn affiliate marketing commissions. Some people say affiliate marketing is simple. It involves signing up an affiliate program or offer, posting the affiliate links, and getting paid. But it’s not all that easy to do when you’re to execute the whole process.

Characteristics Of A Great Vision Statement

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Follow this advice, from the authors ( Ron Ricci and Carl Wiese ) of the, Collaboration Imperative , book for how to create a great vision statement : A vivid, idealized and memorable description of a desired outcome. Inspiring, energizing and helpful in creating a mental picture of your target.

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