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9 Amazing Organizations Share Their Tech Success

Tech Soup

Legacy of Hope Austin is a Texas-based arts charity that's created the 2dance2dream program , providing a way for children with special needs to express themselves through movement and music. The Kosch-Westerman Foundation connects terminally ill children to their classrooms through technology.

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Temple Contemporary and the Puzzle of Sharing Powerful Processes

Museum 2.0

Every other year, they convene TUPAC, a group of 35 outside advisors, including teens, college students, Temple University professors, artists, philanthropists, and community leaders. The cuts were so deep that school music rooms are full of unplayable instruments. Some students folding clothes. Empty pegboards.

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Six New Games for Change: Check Out the Future of Gaming for Good


” Presented by filmmaker Chelo Alvarez-Stehle, SOS_Slaves aims to raise trafficking awareness in teens while empowering them with the tools to take responsibility and speak out against this issue. Ludwig is a game aimed at educators and students alike. THE BOTTOM LINE.

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