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Sheroes You Should Know: Inspiring Stories for #WomensHistoryMonth


In celebration of Women's History Month, we wanted to share some of these sheroic tales and introduce you to young women who are carrying the torch forward today. American Edmonia "Wildfire" Lewis is considered the first woman of Native American and African descent to achieve international fame as a sculptor at a time when artists of color were hardly celebrated and slavery was still legal. she·ro (pl. sheroes) : a woman regarded as a hero.

Story 156

Are Online Vote-for-Me Contests A Good Idea?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Jared Paul, the co-founder of a new nonprofit that has a focus on homeless youth and one of the winners of the $25,000 in the first phase of Chase's Giving Community Contest offered to share his thoughts. Note from Beth: There has been a variety of criticism of contests.