Zen Peacekeeper, Marianne Elliott, Shares How She Has Fun, Does Good

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As a small child I was profoundly affected by the glimpses I got into the injustices in the world so I became a human rights lawyer and spent a decade working in places like the Gaza Strip, Timor-Leste and Afghanistan. Tags: interview havefundogood guest

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Wikileaks War Data Reveal Underreporting of Iraqi Civilian Casualties

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MSE, also known as the capture-tag-recapture method, corresponds to the idea that each death has the possibility of being recorded by one, two, or more data sources. This method has been used for estimating large-scale killings in Guatemala , Kosovo , Perú , Srebrenica , East Timor , and Colombia , among others. Tags: SIGACTS Iraq Iraq Body Count human rights MSE wikileaks IBC

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