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jonsakoda of NEA : investment opps in education b/c of virtual classrooms, democratization of content (e.g., WordPressdotCom launches templates designed for city gvts; include event calendars & common starter content - Make Your City’s Virtual Home .

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Just want to get crackin' - part 2


Maybe you want to set up a virtual classroom so your participants nationwide can interact in between actual sessions. If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then go for it! In this post yesterday I talked about the first of two useful - and FREE - e-books that can help associations get started on developing their customer service driven strategies within the world of social media. The second e-book is Learning 2.0 for Associations by Jeff Cobb. (I

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They offered an online virtual classroom where folks with permissions to the class could join the group, and sign up for recorded and live webinar presentations. That's a great question. None by Michelle Murrain (not verified) - 2008-09-15 16:05 Thats a great question.