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A View from Istanbul


Our visitors spoke passionately about the societal issues in Turkey and the role that community organizations play in rallying public support for women, children, and education. What happened over an exchange of cookies and Turkish Delight candy was a meeting of minds and spirit.

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Gift the Gift of Charity: Make A Contribution to any of these Fabulous Organizations

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I have two favorites: The Sharing Foundation which supports children in Cambodia and Creative Commons. Help Special Needs Children Improve Social Skills. Support Children. Shaping Youth recommends supporting Age of Conversation to Benefit Variety, The Children's Charity. Can I Sit With You?

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Nonprofits Show Technology in Action

Tech Soup

From Canada to Lesotho. And the entries came from all over the world, from our own backyard San Francisco to Canada and even as far as Lesotho, Africa! " says Janissa Balcomb, president of Laptops to Lesotho Inc. " says Janissa Balcomb, president of Laptops to Lesotho Inc. And the Winner Is.

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