Gaming the Talkback Experience with the Signtific What If? Machine

Museum 2.0

Unlike Superstruct , which employed a very open-ended collaborative framework to invite people to imagine their circumstances in 2019 relative to several provocative scenarios, Signtific is a more focused, tight experience, both in content and format.

Game 63

NpTech Tag Summary: Party Metaphors, Conversations, and A Few Good Links

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Peter Dietz reflects on the recent launch of Causes on Facebook and digital bumper stickers on Linked In and wonders how other fundraising platforms will respond? The BuzzMonitor is an open source application that "listens" to what people are saying about the World Bank across blogs and other sites in order to help the organization understand and engage in social media. Want to learn how to use Google Analytics in 90 minutes?