#charity platform to connect experienced tech volunteers with charities | UK Fundraising

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Based in Budapest, Hungary, the initiative involves both an online community and project management platform to help find appropriate volunteers and manage the work they do for the selected charity. #charity platform to connect experienced tech volunteers with charities | UK Fundraising : "#Charity is a new digital platform that aims to connect experienced technology staff to charities who require their voluntary skills.

What TechSoup Global Thinks About the New FCC Net Neutrality Decision

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I originally hail from a part of the world, Hungary, when you learn quickly that whatever small portion of liberty you give up, there will always be forces on the receiving end that will be hungry for more. The U.S.

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Inappropriate Misuse

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Corollary: this also applies to Hungary (see Night of the Budapest Bunnies ). It’s a perennial topic. Every year or so, someone, on some list where I frequent someplace, asks for some sample “Appropriate Use&# policies. I’ve spent countless hours wordsmithing such policies — a vainglorious attempt to translate lessons from the foolish past into acceptable (and anonymous) policies. It’s a life’s lesson or two.

Google Trends and OSS CMS Trends | Non-Profit Tech Blog

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For Plone AND Drupal, it’s Budapest, Hungary.

Night of the Budapest Bunny

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We weren’t registered in Hungary. A Thanksgiving Tale from the Wild Wild East. We careened through streets, shrouded in darkness, packed into a grubby ersatz-Fiat 128, a Soviet-era knockoff.