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Update: Philanthropy’s response to Ukraine crisis


These countries are, in the main, ones that share a border with Ukraine: Poland, Romania, Hungary, Moldova, and Slovakia. Grants that specify areas served not including Ukraine account for 2% of grants and 1% of dollar value. According to the UNHCR , these countries are currently hosting 4.9 million Ukrainian refugees. Recipients.

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5 Ways to Gain The Upper Hand in Facebook’s Newsfeed

Connection Cafe

Facebook recently announced a test in Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Slovakia, Serbia, Guatemala, and Cambodia. All of the most successful nonprofits on Facebook use Facebook ads to boost Page posts, grow their email lists, and raise money. So the Newsfeed algorithm tries to predict what each user wants to see in their Newsfeed.


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Apping Out Illegal Waste: Free Download to Target Illegal Dumps

Tech Soup

It makes you feel useful, it raises your awareness and that of others, but it doesn’t compel action or remedy. Per Jozef: "In Slovakia, Mr. Pado took the whole database of illegal dumps and sent letters to each affected city. Use the zoom function to zero in on the specifics of a particular dump. They want that dump gone!

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Your Cause Camp 2018 Lineup is Here

NonProfit Hub

Lori’s gift is to help nonprofit organizations communicate powerfully so they raise exponentially more money. She is a nationally-recognized master storyteller and fundraising culture change expert helping nonprofit organizations raise nearly $300 million dollars from individual donors.

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