LMS, LCMS, Content Authoring: Exploring eLearning Tools

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A Learning Content Management System (LCMS) typically is an LMS to which the LMS vendor has added an authoring tool. The authoring tool in an LCMS can be used to create content and courses, but has limited functionality compared to a multimedia content authoring tool. The LCMS can be used to incorporate and structure content from all sources into courses, as long as the type of content is supported by the LMS.


Implementing an LMS (or: Good Information Never Gets Stale)


” After working my way down the list I noticed a link to the PDF “ 339 Tips on the Implementation of an LMS or LCMS ,” by the Elearning Guild. Recently I was looking for background information about implementing an LMS. Naturally I did what most people do and searched the Internet for “lms implementation.”


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How To Design a Digital Badge Strategy

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How will it fit within the current (planned) online learning delivery environment (LMS or LCMS)? These are the platforms that your users (earners) will use to display their badge, e.g. your online learning environment, LMS/LCMS, social media, Mozilla Open Badges Backpack , etc. Recognizing your Digital Badge Strategy Design can also help you to evaluate your current (or planned) online learning delivery platform (LMS or LCMS).

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Buying a LMS? Acronyms You Must Know (Part 2)


LCMS- Learning Content Management System: A Software providing multi-user environment where authors, trainers, instructional designers, etc. In our last blog “Buying a LMS? Acronyms You Must Know (Part 1), we explained 15 acronyms related to Learning and Development Industry and we continue to explain the next set of acronyms through this blog.


10+ Best eLearning Course Authoring Software Platforms

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Access a learning content management system (LCMS) to increase efficiency. There are many aspects you need to consider to ensure the success of your learning business.

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