Why Use Widgets Anyhow?


Kaboom offers members the opportunity to post progress update widgets for their playground building campaigns which seems to be built on KickApps and shared via Gigya. Kaboom's playspace finder Built on KickApps Americorps' volunteer opportunities finder Built on Widgetbox NRDC's What's Fresh local produce finder Originally built on iWidget (now Transpond ) and made shareable with Clearspring *.

Software for Collaboration


Ning or KickApps) Wiki: Collaborative website, where all who can view can also edit (i.e. Everyone suddenly wants to collaborate! For some reason (I suspect it's related to the economy, though I haven't pinned down exactly how) my phone is ringing off the hook these days with people who want to talk about how software can help teams collaborate.


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Teens 4 Planet Earth Moves to Ning

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Products we’ve already reviewed include (in no particular order): Telligent Community Server , The Port , Higher Logic , Elgg , Grou.ps , KickApps , Collective X , and Pluck. Recently, we relaunched an environmentally focused service learning program for the Wildlife Conservation Society on the Ning community platform. Teens for Planet Earth launched at the beginning of April (ok, I guess that isn’t so recent!)

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Sproutbuilder Update and Alternatives


KickApps: [link] Seems like widget creation is part of a larger package that requires a $100 minimum fee. Last month nifty WYSIWYG online flash widget maker Sproutbuilder announced its plan to move to all pay accounts by March and like a lot of organizations I was pretty concerned about what this meant for my nonprofit clients. Assurances that Sprout Inc. is committed to the sector turned into the news that there would be limited free accounts and some discount for official organizations.

See What’s Out There » Blog Archive » YouTube as a Platform

See What's Out There

Partners already using the APIs include Animoto, Casio, Electronic Arts, Helio, KickApps, Slide, and TiVo. Home • About Us Mission Team News Partners Careers • Services Overview Interactive Marketing Video Web Design and Development • Clients Clients List Client Login • Resources Overview Events YouTube for Nonprofits Guide to Online Video Video FAQs Our Blog • Contact POSTED BY Michael Hoffman MAR 12, 2008 YouTube as a Platform Platform is all the rage.