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Bringing Millions of Books to Billions of People: Making the Book Truly Accessible

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Literacy and access to knowledge underpins just about every social good, from education, to economic development, to health, to women’s empowerment, democracy and respect for human rights. Just three years ago, negotiators from around the world converged on Marrakesh, Morocco, to hash out a final deal. We can do better!

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The Global Fund for Women: An Interview with Kavita Ramdas

Have Fun - Do Good

Therefore, we are the only foundation I know of that will accept requests in any language, and in any format. Almost nowhere else in the world can you go and find the range of nationalities, ethnicities, race, language and backgrounds that you have here--not to mention the delicious food. It hasn't happened in Latin America's history.

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