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Wikis: What, When, Why

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The most well-known example is Wikipedia , a user-generated encyclopedia which boasts over 6 million entries written and edited by about 30,000 volunteer participants. Wikipedia, like YouTube and Facebook, is a giant in the world of Web 2.0. Think of how Wikipedia works.

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Reduce Travel with Online Collaboration

Tech Soup Blog

For example, for every short-haul round trip on an airplane (for example, New York to Chicago or Frankfurt to London) you don't take, you'll save the environment around one half of a metric ton of CO2. See a good deal more about the new cloud computing online services and other ways of working collaboratively in the TechSoup article: A Few Good Tools for Sharing Files with Distributed Groups. And be sure and check out the great online video, Google Docs in Plain English.

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Free Beer, SharePoint, and an April Fool

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I clicked the Wikipedia entry. Hey, if Wikipedia says so, it’s got to be true, right? It not only scans and converts the docs to PDFs, it also automatically tags them with custom metadata before sliding them smartly into a SharePoint document library. I thought it was a joke.

Pro-Tibet Non-Profit Under Cyber-Attack | Non-Profit Tech Blog

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Use web file sharing or online office systems to share documents. Teach your users how to recognize suspicious emails – “why would the Tibetan Gov’t in Exile send an email from an @yahoo address?&# “Why is this person suddenly sending emails from a new address?&# “did i ask for this file they are sending?&# Often, if it cannot open a file that way, it is often corrupt and/or contains a trojan.&# doc 2008_beijing_olympic_games__b_.doc