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Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

websites. tools and websites. websites (e.g. video and photo-sharing sites like Youtube, Flickr, Dailymotion; blogging platforms such as Blogspot, Livejournal, Typepad and Wordpress; social networking websites such as Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Wikipedia, VoIP services; etc.); the amplifying of local campaigns defending the right to access web 2.0 tools and websites (circumvention techniques, online petitions and campaign.).


Cupcakes, Veganism and Fundraising: Fat Bottom Bakery and the East Bay Vegan Bake Sale

Have Fun - Do Good

You can also listen to it on the little player below, on the Big Vision Podcast website , or on the iTunes Music Store. It had a great response, and ever since then we've been trying to find different local events, and branching out from there. We immediately got a blogspot set up for the bakery, and a presence on MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. If you want to find one near you, there's a website called , and they have a whole list of vegan bake sales.