Mr. Jim Goes to Washington (and New York, and Nairobi, and Seoul, and Kampala, and Boston…)

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I had a chance to meet with staffers involved in the drafting of two key federal bills that are most likely to be adopted, and shared my issues. Kipp has been a leading software developer in the region, creating software around election monitoring and government transparency just to name a few. We were supposed to start our visit with a very high government official, but instead Kipp took me over to Nairobi Women’s Hospital.

Provide the Nonprofit Voice to America's Broadband Plan


The FCC should review policies governing competition and pricing. Consumers in South Korea and Japan can get broadband speeds reaching 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) for less than the monthly price a U.S. Encouraging residential adoption should be a top priority through educational programs and funding for schools and community organizations. Adopt Net Neutrality requirements that go beyond the FCC's current broadband policy statement.


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Snapshot of Worldwide Electronics Recycling 2013

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The WEEE Directive is the set of laws that governs the proper collection and disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) in the 27 countries of the European Union. Switzerland was the first country in the world to adopt an electronics recycling system is 1991.Things are actually going pretty well in Europe. South Korea also has a developed electronics recycling system that now recovers and properly processes over 75 percent of discarded electronics.

And there are now basically two major Internet providers in the US–a consolidation that the US government has been complicit in while John McCain was head of the Technology committee. He realizes we need a CTO for the country, that we need to use technology to make government transparent. I want us to have the technology adoption of Japan, or South Korea.