Using Web Conferencing Software To Create A Screencast

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As a result, I'm reflecting on my comfort level. I'd love to know: How much scripting does he do prior to the interview? Tech Support told me that Webex uses a non-standard wmv format that does not import properly into Camtasia. If I do longer recordings, they have to be tightly scripted. Click To Play. To view a higher quality flash flie, click here. UPDATE: June 18th. Jon Udell answered my questions !

Testing Your Donation Form Part 4: Running a Usability Test

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I do this by reading a welcome script like the one below which is a modified version of Steve Krug’s. If you are doing quick-and-dirty Starbucks-style testing as discussed in Part 3 , feel free to shorten your script as needed. You can also use tools like WebEx or If not, you need to make the test results meaningful to your organization and maybe even make the pitch for additional resources.

Test 30