Green Technology Summit Heads to Europe (and It's Kind Of a Big Deal)

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The statistics are similar for mobile phones, except that phones are discarded even more quickly than PCs. Another TechSoup Global partner, Ateliers du Bocage , is located in rural France and operates one of the largest mobile phone remanufacturing plants in the country.

TechSoup French Partner Leads the Way to Sustainable Tech

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But it's also the second largest mobile phone recycler in France and one of the largest in Europe. ADB also collects and sorts office waste, including ink cartridges and PCs, as well as mobile phones for recycling or reuse in its thrift stores.

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Last weekend I met Canadian filmmaker Sylvain l'Esperance, whose wonderful documentary about life in the Niger Inland Delta region of Mali was showing at the Toronto Hot Docs film festival. Chatting after the screening, l'Esperance was saying that he thought the sale of cellphones was an economic drain in the regions he visited: people seem to be spending cash they could be saving for economic betterment to chatter on the phone.

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