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Data Digest: Open Data for Africa Platform, Silent Data Revolution in MENA and Data Strategies

Tech Soup

Data Digest is a weekly round-up of the latest news on data-related projects in the nonprofit sector, compiled and authored by Keisha Taylor of GuideStar International and TechSoup Global. This week have a look at the just completed Open Data for Africa platform and learn more about the brewing open data revolution in the MENA region.

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How To: Put Technology to Use (November 2008)


Finally, if you're really into words, you should check out The Global Language Monitor , where you can learn that "obama" has entered the English language as a root, as in: obamacize, obamanomics, and (our favorite) obamarama. Let us know when you can make our office building appear to be somewhere, in, oh, let's say Djibouti. (No,