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How to Help After Hurricane Ian


With catastrophic flooding and winds of up to 150 mph, Hurricane Ian has had a devastating impact on many areas of Florida and Cuba. If you want to contribute to Hurricane Ian relief efforts, here are some options for you: Support the First Responders. The post How to Help After Hurricane Ian appeared first on Qgiv Blog.

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Upcoming Nonprofits Live: DIY Blogging

Tech Soup

Jody was introduced to blogging while on assignment with the public affairs team assigned to the Houston Astrodome during the American Red Cross disaster relief efforts following Hurricane Katrina. She returned home and started a “mommy blog” – purely as a hobby and virtual scrapbook.

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"Leveling the Playing Field" Through Broadband and Public Computers


For example, a river float business with a web presence will lose out to other businesses that connect to customers over broadband through websites and commercial social networks like Facebook. In 2001 a hurricane struck that island of Cuba, straining that nation's ability to provide commodities such as rice and corn for their population.