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Nancy Jo Craig’s Lifetime Achievement Award In Nonprofit Computer Refurbishment

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She is a poet, an environmental activist, and a nonprofit management expert with a masters degree in public administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. After she co-founded the Foundation For Friends of Nature in Bolivia, a million acres of natural habitat were put in to public trust. By 2004 she had come back to her hometown of Baton Rouge and was working as a management consultant to a failing nonprofit.

Using Photography to Change the World: An Interview with Paola Gianturco

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They are gaining support from people in government, and politicians, and academicians, and business people, men, boys, women, girls. And second, I was exhausted from having continued to do consulting and teaching at the same time. What I wanted to learn next, because I had lived my working life inside of large corporations, was about woman entrepreneurs. I never went back to doing purely communications consulting.