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Advice for a Record-Breaking Fundraising Year

Saleforce Nonprofit

This advice from Rick Shadyac, President of ALSAC , the fundraising and awareness organization for St. We asked Shadyac to share his learnings and advice for other nonprofit organizations to accelerate their fundraising efforts and investments in innovation.

Bryant Terry: Eco-chef, Food Justice Activist, Author of Vegan Soul Kitchen

Have Fun - Do Good

I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and both sets of my grandparents came from rural Mississippi. But, as an adult, the moment that catalyzed my work was when I was in graduate school at NYU studying history, and I learned about the Black Panthers' Free Breakfast for Children program. What advice do you have for them if they're interested, but don't know what to do? Well, it's important in my own life to always think about how am I making change personally?

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