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MobileActive Strategy Guide Now Available for Download

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

registration, and election monitoring campaigns, finds a MobileActive Strategy. MobileActive Strategy Guide, the first in a series investigating the use of. a number of popular uprisings in the Ukraine and South Korea, to name just a. based group Mobile Voter aims to register 55,000 young people to. MobileActive series of Strategy Guides is designed to equip organizations around. issue advocacy, fundraising, humanitarian and disaster relief, and mobile.

MCON13 Live Blog: Millennial Giving (Alia McKee, Sea Change Strategies and Justin Wheeler, LINK)


Alia McKee, Sea Change Strategies. People make decisions based on the value-groups with with they most strongly identify. For example, through grassroots online fundraising. LINK created a fundraising page and filled it with great content 2) Provide great content in that space Such as updates of impact in the field, progress reports, etc. Millennials like instant gratification (in this case a trip to south korea to meet the refugees your funds rescued).