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What Should I Do About Junk Hardware Donations?

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We love to get donations, but what do you do when they’re junk? Donation Horror Stories on Facebook. — but sometimes their good intentions mean junk donations for your nonprofit. Every single machine was several years old when it was donated three to five years ago. Also, the donated tech made us feel like we couldn't/shouldn't buy new machines when we could get them donated, but the truth is, we can't compete without competent technology!

In Search of Hope: The Global Diaries of Mariane Pearl

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If you order In Search of Hope on , Glamour will donate 100 percent of the book's proceeds and royalties to charities (listed below) selected by the women who were profiled. "[N]ow I have an answer for my son, who lost his father to blind hatred. Yes, there is hope in the world, and it isn't naive or even idealistic. It is real."--Mariane Mariane Pearl, In Search of Hope.