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10 e-Newsletter Best Practices for Nonprofits

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Despite the rapid rise of social media, more online donations are made from a click in an e-newsletter than any other source. Social Media

Three Nonprofit e-Newsletters to Subscribe To and Learn From

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My e-newsletter is by far the driving force behind Nonprofit Tech 2.0. Human Rights Watch e-Newsletter :: Subscribe.

3 Mobile Compatible Nonprofit e-Newsletters to Subscribe To and Learn From

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With 51% of email now being opened on a tablet or smartphone, nonprofits would be wise to redesign their e-newsletter as soon as possible.

How to Optimize Your Nonprofit Newsletter for Success

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Your email newsletter is crucial for the success of your organization. This Is the Only Way Your Emails Are Ever Going to Be Read. spanhidden.

What NOT To Do On Your Nonprofit’s Next Email Newsletter


If your nonprofit has not edited its email newsletter in the last 6 months, it’s probably time. Unnecessary links and calls-to-action.

“Flipping your publishing model” in action


The blog/newsletter strategy drives most of that, as you can see from the increase in blog traffic as a percentage of total site traffic for the last few years: 2008: 17%. Remember this post about how to flip your publishing model ? And the case study we looked at through the Virginia Associations of Realtors’ example ? 2009: 19%.

Build your Facebook fan base, increase online action


It’s pretty much the Facebook equivalent of someone adding themselves to your email newsletter list. The Strategy. The Tactics. live in Idaho.

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Clicky Clicky: How to Add Calls to Action to Your Nonprofit’s YouTube Videos


But as with all forms of online communication, the goal should be to get that visitor to take an action. What do Calls to Action Look Like?

5 Brands Using Action-Gating In Their Facebook Marketing

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These days there’s a better option that combats all of the challenges associated with Like-gating: Action-gating. Do you remember this?

5 Proven Tips for Building Your Nonprofits Email List


With a call to action. Portland Museum of Art groups their E-newsletter with links to their social media accounts. 4. Add Clearly marked.

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How to Build Your Mobile List: Add a “Call to Action” to Your Existing Media


You can use all of your communications – TV commercials, email newsletter, website, radio spots, and more – to get people to sign up for your mobile list. All you have to do is add a "call to action.". call to action earned media Mobile nptech nten Communications FundraisingStephen Fishbach. Word Nerd. Mobile Commons.

Pro Tip: More Visuals in Newsletters Can Increase Click Rates by 60 Percent

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Making our email more visual, with direct calls to action, increased our click rate. The Test. The visual email: [link]. What We Learned.

Are Nonprofit Email Newsletters Really A Waste of Time?

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Each email also told the supporter what their action would accomplish and what would happen next.” You pick and choose.”

How to Build Your Mobile List: 3 Rules for a Great “Call to Action”

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Not all calls to action are created equal, however. The most common mistake people make with their calls to action is they’re too general.

29 tips to improve your nonprofit website’s landing pages

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On your Facebook custom tab and avatar, in your email newsletter template, and in your direct mail pieces. Know your audience. What’s your goal?

How to Build Your Nonprofit’s Email List

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Promote an online contest  and offer free giveaways where signing up for your e-newsletter is required to enter. Host free webinars.

5 Tips for a Successful Mobile Relationship

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That way they are always in the know and won’t be surprised by a last-minute call to action. Invite your subscriber list along.

Webinar on Intuition by Vertex

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There’s no cost or obligation. We invite you to invest one hour to learn how our products will help you, your agency and your participants.

Successful Organizations On Twitter: Wellstone Action - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


Bravo, Elana and the rest of the Wellstone Action crew! Deanna Zandt (DZ): How long have you been on Twitter? What inspired you to join?

Sharing Your Story: How to Engage Donors with the Philanthropic Impact of Their Gift

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Stories perfectly illustrate impact in action. If possible, take some pictures of your organization’s impact in action.

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How the Global Mobile Revolution is Transforming Philanthropy

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Your nonprofit must have mobile-responsive email templates for newsletters and fundraising appeals. As far as online fundraising success?

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eNonprofit Benchmarks Study Reveals Latest Metrics for Advocacy, Fundraising and Social Media


Do you know the average click-through and open rates on action alerts and fundraising appeals across the nonprofit sector? newsletters Nonprofit Benchmark Studies Online Advocacy Online Fundraising Social Networking Trends Web 2.0Are enewsletters still worth your organization’s time? Are nonprofits experimenting with mobile more?

10 Blog Design Best Practices for Nonprofits

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blog template with a body column width of 600 pixels and a call-to-action column of 300 pixels in width is ideal. Mercy Corps Blog. 2. ONE Blog.

Ten Useful Examples of the Real-Time Web in Action


Tags: Data marshall kirkpatrick Newsletter NPTech NTEN Social Media Communications

Raise Money on Facebook: Four Strategies You Need to Know About


Peter Deitz, Social Actions. Nonprofit bloggers including Alison Fine , Beth Kanter , Steve MacLaughlin , and Brian Reich were quick to point out that donating money on Facebook is just one of many actions people can take in support of a nonprofit or cause. facebook Newsletter NPTech NTEN online fundraising peter deitz web2.0

6 Email Marketing Hacks to Increase Open Rates

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Do you have an email newsletter that’s flat-lining? It’s time to revamp your e-newsletter and get it back on its feet. 1.

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5 Key Metrics to Improve Your Email Campaigns


If your copy and creative are convincing, readers will respond by clicking on the call-to-action links you include in multiple places in your email. Conversion Rate : The percentage of recipients who complete the call to action in the email; for example, the percentage of email recipients who donate after reading the email. Summary.

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7 Steps To Effective Nonprofit Email Marketing


Consider a noninvasive popup box with a call to action message and space to place email addresses on your website. Tweak as necessary.

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Time and Social Action

Social Actions

little more background on what Social Actions is building. Our mission is to make the web more action oriented. Last year, during U.S.

Email Campaign Tips To Inspire Millennials


Inspire action. Show your donors that every little action is appreciated by sending them a thank you email. Acquire appropriate tools.

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Social Media and Privacy: Best Practices for Managing Your Personal and Professional Identities


Create an internal social media site and take action when unflattering posts appear. Tags: Newsletter NPTech NTEN privacy Social Media Communications Andrew Heller, Here's the situation: midnight is fast approaching and the server is still down. " or "How are the kids doing?" So what can we do? Twitter.

Once Just Isn???t Enough| How to Keep Constituents Engaged Beyond their First Visit

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Start by offering a call to action, an option for people to engage with your organization. Calls to Action. call to action is a specific action you want someone to take. Traditionally, a call to action has been to donate in response to a direct mailing or a phone call. How does this relate to a call to action?

How to Write a Social Media Fundraising Strategy for Your Nonprofit

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The buy-in of executive staff also has an impact upon your action items and thus your budget. Your strategic plan should be simple and flexible.

Punching Up Your Action Alerts and Online Fundraising Appeals - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


Tone Is Action Oriented But Casual "If Republicans convince voters that clean energy legislation amounts to a new tax, Obamas plan is toast.

5 Ideas to Help You Take the Next Step with Your Online Visitors

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Also, use the Facebook® social sharing widget, which allows constituents to post to Facebook® after taking an action through your website.

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How to Maximize Impact of Nonprofit Newsletters - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


How can you compete? " No matter how much killer content you have, if people arent looking at, its doing you no good. Its worth it!

Key Steps to Set Yourself Up For “Big Bang” Wins – Sign Up Now for our Webinar!

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Their supporters and consumers are used to taking action over text and being recognized for that action. Segment your list based on location, age, or past actions. Well now we need you to take action!”. All Posts Blog Mobile Resources and Research NewsletterDon’t just tweet it. Text it out too.

A Short, Recent History of Nonprofit Website Design and Online Fundraising

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The color makes it stand out and similar to the e-newsletter pitch, the “Donate” button is visible on every page of the website. 3.

Evolving Project Management for Evolving Website Technologies


More likely however, it may just fizzle away entirely, those on-line community features -- commenting, discussion forums, petitions, surveys, take action -- sitting there underutilized. Tags: CMS Leadership Newsletter NPTech NTEN Planning steve backman Web Sites Steve Backman, Database Designs. Matching Planning to Site Goals.

How to Successfully Launch Nonprofit Infographics Online

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Communicating your data and calls-to-action in visual format is smart strategy. Prominently feature calls-to-action on your infographic.

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