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23 Free Nonprofit Webinars for January 2017

Wild Apricot Blog

Start 2017 with a boost to your professional skill set with some free education. Each month we compile a list of the best free nonprofit webinars for you to attend. training Education webinars nonprofit freeThis month's webinars feature online fundraising best practices, software training, and how to find new donors this year.

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31 Free Nonprofit Webinars for February 2017

Wild Apricot Blog

None to fear, free webinars are here! Here are 31 free nonprofit webinars for February 2017 from around the web. free Education webinarsFeeling burnt out from going hard in January already?

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“Free” Isn’t Free


But “free” is never free. That donated computer looked like it was free. Tweet at @brightplus3 if you’re loving it!

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29 Free Non-Profit Webinars for April 2016

Wild Apricot Blog

April means spring, and what better way to celebrate spring than with free education? So, it's a good thing I've put together this super list of free educational webinars for nonprofits and associations. expert-webinars free-webinars 2016 april webinars expert freeThere is no better way!

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36 Free Nonprofit Webinars for September 2016

Wild Apricot Blog

webinars free septemberIf your organization is struggling to engage millennials, one of the things you’ll learn from this month’s webinars are 3 rules that will turn a new millennial member into a raving fan.

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23 Free Nonprofit Webinars for March 2017

Wild Apricot Blog

Webinars are a great way to get some free education on how to run your nonprofit better. There's something for everyone in this list, so you shouldn't have a problem finding one or two webinars that are right for you. march webinars

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Try Qriously for free: Real-time data for your organization!

Amy Sample Ward

mobile survey apps contest free qriouslyAnd here’s the offer: 5 Nonprofits, 5000 Responses. The folks at Qriously think so, too.

20 Free Nonprofit Webinars for August 2016

Wild Apricot Blog

In one of this month's free nonprofit webinars, you'll learn how to recruit volunteers right from Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube. august free webinarIf you're organization is struggling to recruit volunteers, have you considered using social media to do the work for you?

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12 Free Nonprofit Webinars and Training Videos You’ll Love


If you’re a nonprofit professional, then you probably know what it’s like to be short on time. That’s why we’re giving you a shortcut. training

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New Year, New Free Webinars

Tech Soup Blog

Kick off 2017 with new tech and fundraising skills! Introduction to Windows Server for Nonprofits and Public Libraries. Join us on January 12.

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Free Membership Management Software from Wild Apricot Can Run Your Small Organization

Wild Apricot Blog

Thousands of nonprofits use Wild Apricot's software to manage their memberships completely free. That’s because Wild Apricot is one of the few membership management providers who offer a completely free account to small organizations for as long as. software Membership management free

A Free Agent for Hunger: Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Has your organization discovered  and worked with a free agent like Sue? Free AgentThey’ve provided logistical and staff support.

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Free Comic Book Day – May 3


Free Comic Book Day is Saturday May 3 rd , 2014  . Free Comic Book Day 2014: Diamond Announces SILVER SPONSORS! Free Comic Book Day 2014.

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3 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Next Fundraising Campaign (and free ebook!)

Amy Sample Ward

I’m honored to be included in a new ebook about marketing, fundraising, and social media. Well, sure – it does happen.

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Free Webinar: Happy & Healthy – 10 Tips for Impact without Burnout

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Register for Free! . Register for this free webinar today ! How to shift from a chronic state of stress to a chronic state of self-care .

18 Free Non-profit Webinars For August 2015

Wild Apricot Blog

Further your non-profit education with these 18 free webinars

111 Low-Cost or Free OnlineTools for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The number of low-cost or free online resources and tools available to nonprofits today is astounding. Zeen :: Wufoo ::

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How to Create a Stress-Free Social Media Strategy

NonProfit Hub

And this “free” marketing isn’t free. The post How to Create a Stress-Free Social Media Strategy appeared first on Nonprofit Hub.

Philanthropy University Offers Amazing (Free!) Online Courses

Tech Soup Blog

All of the Philanthropy University courses are free and available anywhere in the world. He is teaching The Essentials of Nonprofit Strategy.

People to People Fundraising [Free Webinar by Ted Hart]

Connection Cafe

Ted Hart, ACFRE. Register here ! You can learn more about Hart at Stop Fundraising, Start Inspiring. Takeaways from Ted Hart.

A Few Really Useful and FREE Social Media Tips Sheets and Resources

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

You can sign up here. Infographic Template for Nonprofit Annual Report:   Just in time! You can read about how to use it and access it here.

Free E-Book: NetworkforGood Giving Day Planning Guide

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Click to Download. While it may be the dog days of August,   GivingTuesday 2014 kicks off on December 4th. Number of donors. Number of new donors.

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23 Free Nonprofit Webinars for October 2016

Wild Apricot Blog

Lots of learning on volunteering this month, so if you’re looking for volunteer strategies, you’ve hit the jackpot of webinars! nonprofit webinar webinars

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Take The Emial-Free Vacation Pledge

Eric Jacobsen Blog

communication expert, David Grossman, encourages you to take his pledge for an email-free vacation. Randstad, Forbes Insights.

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8 Tips and A Free Template for Your Nonprofit RFP


But there are things you can do to make developing, distributing, and reviewing RFPs as painless as possible. nonprofit template RFP

22 Free Non-profit Webinars For April 2015

Wild Apricot Blog

Take a look at the 22 free webinars available this April. Looking to continue your non-profit education? We''ve got you covered. webinar nonprofit

Picture Perfect: 8 Free Stock Photography Websites for Nonprofits


Stock photos are a problem.

Digital Analytics Basics: Free Online Academy from Google

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The instructor is Google Analytics Evangelist Andrew Cutroni.  The syllabus includes: An overview of today’s digital measurement landscape.

4 Free Webinars to Clear Up Cloud Confusion

Tech Soup Blog

Learn what it can do for you and how to access Microsoft's Azure donation during this free event. Is the Cloud Right for You? spanhidden.

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Sticker Shock: The Dangers of Free Website Building & Hosting for Non-Profits

Byte Technology

Maybe you’ve heard the old saying “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” The allure is of course obvious. Loss of Control.

7 Fantastic Free or Low Cost Sources To Get Images for Your Content Strategy

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Stock Exchange –   This is a huge image archive of stock photos that are available for free. Flickr Image by Sam Howzit. Content Visual

Healthy and Productive Meetings: Free Guidestar Webinar on Feb. 12th

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

As Nilofer Merchant points out in this  TED talk , people are sitting 9.3 hours a day, which is more than we’re sleeping, at 7.7 hours. All

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SXSW Panel: Join A Global Discussion About Free Agents and Nonprofits in a Networked World

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Free AgentHere’s the world time clock. So, come join the fun and learn.

70 Low-Cost or Free Web-Based Tools for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The number of low-cost or free, web-based resources and tools available to nonprofits today is astounding. 2dCode ::

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85 Low-Cost or Free Web-Based Tools for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The number of low-cost or free, web-based resources and tools available to nonprofits today is astounding. 2dCode ::

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Get a Free Chapter of When Millennials Take Over!!


Want a sneak peek at the book?  We’re inviting everyone, for a limited time, to download a free chapter of the book: [link].

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9 Free Ways Increase YouTube Video Views

See What's Out There

Image in header made by If the goal of your video is to rack up YouTube views, you have some tough competition. As we often tell our video clients, nonprofits are ultimately competing against cat videos for their audience’s attention. This means that nonprofit videos need to be entertaining – not just informative.

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Free In-Person Events for Nonprofit Techies

Tech Soup Blog

Every month, our meetup leaders host free in-person events in 60 cities. Find your closest group or apply to start a new group. Upcoming Events.

17 Free Non-profit Webinars for May 2015

Wild Apricot Blog

Spring is here and there are lots of fresh new ideas for non-profits in a host of free webinars popping up this May! Check out the round-up of 17 free webinars. Non-profits webinar

A Sweet Serving of Free Tech Webinars

Tech Soup Blog

Take a break from all that and tune in to a free TechSoup webinar. We know you've got a lot going on in November. Learn about Power BI.

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