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Solving the Nonprofit Data Paradox

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Unfortunately, the same is not true for many nonprofits and their data. Data is fragmented across multiple systems and structures.

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5 Cases for Building Nonprofit Operating Reserves

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More than half of nonprofits report having 3 months or less of cash-on-hand and 12% had less than 1 month of cash-on-hand.

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Is Your Nonprofit Website Ready for 2017?

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With end of year fast approaching, it’s likely that your nonprofit is making plans for 2017. And every pixel counts.

15 Techniques Used by Top Nonprofits to Boost Donor Acquisition and Online Fundraising Results

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How about your nonprofit, school, or chairity? Online fundraising isn’t a fad. These are facts that can’t be ignored. People are visual beings.

5 Critical Characteristics of Data Driven Nonprofits

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Over a year ago, I set out on a journey to understand why nonprofits are not making more out of the hidden treasure in their data.

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4 Steps to Creating Your Nonprofit’s Storytelling Strategy

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Does your nonprofit have a plan for storytelling this year ? The truth is that nonprofits are still not using storytelling as strategically as they could be. recommend creating a master spreadsheet or document of all the important dates throughout the year and keep track of the key opportunities for your nonprofit to insert its voice.

How to Design Your Nonprofit Website for Better User Experience

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Tips to Design Your Nonprofit Website for Better User Experience : 1. So, how do I go about designing better user experiences this year ?

Engaging Millennials for Nonprofit Storytelling

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Want to learn more about how your nonprofit can harness Millennial impact? So where should you start? Engagement. Keep it short and sweet.

Knowing When to Choose a Nonprofit-Specific Accounting Solution

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Nonprofit organizations are accountable to a variety of internal and external stakeholders. Nonprofit accounting is complex.

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Solved! The Nonprofit Data Mystery

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The data nonprofits have is often overlooked and undervalued by them. So many nonprofits don’t maximize the hidden treasure they are sitting on.

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Can Your Nonprofit Accounting Software Do This?

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If you’re involved in the nonprofit world, then you’re well aware of the current pressures for organizations to become more transparent.

8 Tools to Help Manage Your Nonprofit Website

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At Firefly Partners , we do a lot of work to keep nonprofit websites functioning correctly and looking good. That’s a lot to manage.

Designing for Good #3 – Best of 2016 Nonprofit Storytelling

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For this  Designing for Good  episode, we’re showcasing the best examples of nonprofit storytelling of 2016. We’d love to see them!

2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report [INFOGRAPHIC]


Blackbaud, NTEN and Common Knowledge just released the fourth annual 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report. Tweet It!]. Tweet It!].

How To Develop Your Nonprofit Operating Reserves

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To learn more about this topic, make sure to download the whitepaper, Maintaining Nonprofit Operating Reserves. event cancellations).

50 Fascinating Nonprofit Statistics

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Here are 50 fascinating nonprofit statistics you might not have known. 50 Fascinating Nonprofit Statistics from Steve MacLaughlin.

Designing Your Nonprofit Culture for Successful Technology Implementations

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Nonprofit Management #nptech Barker & Scott Consulting communication CRM culture nonprofit Strategy technology implementation Tips

7 Ways to Use Infographics to Recruit Volunteers and Tell Your Nonprofit’s Story

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Though nonprofits understand the power of imagery, many still  struggle with : Getting their message out there. Nonprofits have mines of data.

5 Best Practices for Negotiating Funding for a Thriving Nonprofit

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In the nonprofit world, the beneficiaries of nonprofit services usually provide little, if any, of the revenue to fund the services they receive.

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9 Ways Social Media Can Help Nonprofits Ignite Supporter-Led Advocacy

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Nonprofit Marketing Advocacy Facebook live streaming nonprofit social ambassadors social listening Social Media Twitter Twitterstorm

The Nonprofit Accounting Cheat Sheet

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The result: The Nonprofit Accounting Cheat Sheet. We’ll keep the fund accounting resources coming.

8 Trends That Are Reshaping Nonprofit Accounting

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We sat down with some of the top nonprofit accountants to talk about emerging trends that you can use at your organization to help you stay ahead.

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The Truth About Nonprofit Storytelling

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Nonprofit Fundraising Nonprofit Storytelling storytellingOthers stuck around for several years, or even became a mainstay of fundraising.

Should You Use Pop-Ups on Your Nonprofit Website?

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We regularly track all of our nonprofit website designs –most of which include an entry pop-up–and track the calls to action within the modal windows.

7 Step Policy Guide for Nonprofit Operating Reserves

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What the Nonprofit Finance Fund calls “chronic surpluses” is the best way to build reserve funds. reserve ratio, outlines and sample language).

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Infographic: 2013 Nonprofit Communication Trends


Numbers and figures thanks to the hard work by Nonprofit Marketing Guide. No matter how you look at it, communication is key.

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The Sharing Economy of Nonprofit Organizational Strategies: The Top 10 Nonprofit Blogs

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While nonprofit blogs have been ranked before , my rankings are based off my own personal research and opinions.

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Digital Strategies are Moving the Needle for Nonprofits

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By 2018, social media will be one of the most important channels for nonprofits, according to a study conducted by Forrester. Digital Content.

Global Tech Trends for Nonprofits


Online Advocacy Nonprofit fundraising Social Media

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How Nonprofits Can Share Risks and Reap Benefits Through Collaboration

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Nonprofit Management #bbcon Collaboration Collective Impact Financial Edge NXT nonprofit risk management stewardship Strategy

How Your Attitude Shapes Your Nonprofit

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bring that same mindfulness to my client engagements, because I know that my nonprofit clients are usually under a ton of stress. Why is that?

Infographic Friday: 2015 Nonprofit & Association Technology Trends


Cloud computing continues to intrigue the nonprofit community. The idea of being able to work from anywhere in the world, and still access all your files, regardless of what computer you’re on is attractive for the busy nonprofit.

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Infographic: Optimizing Your Nonprofit Donation Page


With online donations to nonprofit organizations on the rise, the onus is on the nonprofit to make the donation process as simple as possible.

4 Tech Trend Predictions for Nonprofits for 2016

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Relevant even for a nonprofit designer like me. For nonprofits, we need to think beyond responsive design into other mobile opportunities.

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Arrogance in Nonprofit Leadership: It Just Doesn’t Belong Here

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I occasionally am exposed to a disease that shows up in nonprofit leadership: arrogance. . Believe in the mission.

Designing for Good: Nonprofit Design Inspirations Episode #1

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I’m passionate about nonprofits and designing for nonprofits in equal measures. seize every opportunity to celebrate both. Enjoy!

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Designing for Good: Top Nonprofit Graphic Designs| Episode 4

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Slick adopt a child experience by Nick Franchi  for not yet disclosed nonprofit. Recognizable world leader + plastic hand restraints. Fantastic.

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Content Marketing for Nonprofits [Survey]

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Content marketing isn’t a widely used term in the nonprofit and charity world. Why do we Need Nonprofit Content Marketing Research?

A Reality Check for Nonprofit Professionals: Are You Taking the High Ground?

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Back in the “good old days”—which really wasn’t all that long ago—nonprofit organizations were expected to take the high ground.

13 Nonprofit Statistics You Never Knew


Nonprofit statistics seem to grow more positive with each passing day. Here are 13 Nonprofit statistics you never knew until today.